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Kylie Jenner's bringing Adidas Superstar back in style. #streetwear
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Will Smith drops limited edition Bel-Air Athletics collection. Cop or drop?
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Danke auch an @hepglobal #aok @mainovaag #thereisnoplanetb
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最近王俊凯同学代言很多,官方造型图可谓是颜狗的春天!总结了掌阅、戴尔、兰蔻、工行信用卡、斯沃琪、roseonly、还有青涩时期合作Gucci的官方造型图,最后放上重庆李泽言,你被哪一张戳到了? ​​​​
Футбольная форма, бутсы, костюмы
✅ Инновационная конструкция из вязаного материала в средней части стопы увеличивает боковую и внутреннюю поддержку без дополнительного каркаса и внутреннего язычка

Build a social data culture across your organization:


Measure and improve your brand equity 

Understand what makes your business special, and where your brand stands in your industry. Measure your brand equity evolution on social media across different markets, and set smart objectives to improve key brand pillars.

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Predict and analyze consumer trends

Find emerging trends that excite and motivate your specific buyers before your competitors. Then create the perfect products and marketing campaigns to match.

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Find and understand target audience tribes 

Analyze and segment your audience better to improve your products and messaging. Know what they need, how they make decisions, who they trust, and craft the best content that speaks to them.

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Measure campaign performance & prove ROI

Track your marketing and product campaigns to see how they're received by consumers across the web. Measure their effectiveness and impact, and use this data to make the next campaign even better. 

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Manage and protect your reputation online

Your brand reputation is the soul of your business. Track what customers and competitors say about you online, and react quickly if a crisis occurs.

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Maximize influencer marketing ROI

Choose micro-influencers for grassroots campaigns, or find celebrity endorsements to boost brand awareness. Identify influencers who match your brand identity based on social data analysis.

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Combining artificial intelligence with human expertise

We empower global brands to turn social data into valuable insights via:


Our software suite, Radarly and Search, tracks and analyzes billions of sources online every day to provide brands with real-time consumer insights using state-of-the-art AI technology and data science.

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Linkfluence's research analysts and data scientists deliver original, innovative research studies customized to your needs. Get answers to your business questions with social insights based on expert data research and analysis.

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We offer a full suite of training and consulting services to help you maximize your results with social data. From platform onboarding to multi-country implementation to internal evangelization, we’ve got you covered.

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mathieu de roux

Mathieu DEROUX
Customer Experience Manager

Facing multiples sources with thousands of mentions on real time is a challenge. Radarly offers us several daily-improved use case for very specific needs. Thanks to powerful A.I, smart data visualization, smooth UX and a very reactive R&D department, every customer centric ambitions can find a real help on its achievement.Sentimental and emotion analysis combined with geolocation, or image recognition, helps to build new way to structure our action.


nandini joshi

Nandini Joshi 
VP Marketing & E-commerce, SEA / AUNZ

Two things that we appreciate the most about Linkfluence over other social listening tools: their platform’s analytical rigor and the quality of their account management. After a year of working together, we’re consistently impressed by their exceptional account management and the way their powerful social analytics transforms the way we leverage social data and consumer insights at Sephora.

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