About Linkfluence

Our mission

Combining artificial intelligence and human expertise to
turn social data into valuable insights.


Social media continues to evolve and shape the world around us. It affects the way we interact, the way we think, and even the way we shop.

Billions of consumers express themselves online everyday. They're spontaneous, unstructured, and heterogenous. And they're constantly changing.

Winning brands will be able to understand their customers at the speed of the Web. And to do this, they need data.

We understand and see the massive opportunity that social media gives businesses. There has never been more data available to more companies.

  • Consumer voice to consumer choice. Understand customers' favorite products, their preferred in-store experiences, and the influencers they most admire. Then turn wishes and dreams into reality.

  • Social listening & social data. See what's said about your brand and the competition on social media, and use this to improve your messaging. Get the most up-to-date and accurate data available, based on billions of conversations.

  • Emerging topic detection. Social trends drive purchasing decisions. We use machine learning to identify emerging topics specific to your industry, so that you can make the necessary adjustments.

  • Powerful analysis, improving every day. Global brands need industry-leading technology. Our talented engineers push to provide the best possible social listening and analysis tools.
  • Local research analysts & data scientists. Combine online data with offline analysis. Our local research teams understand what matters in your market, and help you get the most from your social media data. 

We’re here to bring social insights to global brands. To help brands connect better and bring the world closer with social data.

Founded in 2006












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Average age




Our offices

  • Paris
  • London
  • Singapore
  • Shanghai
  • Düsseldorf
  • San Francisco


It all started in the city of lights. Linkfluence was founded here, and the city is now home to our headquarters, the largest team, and the connection to all the global offices.

Here you'll find the biggest team of engineers and data scientists, and international researchers speaking all languages.

Located next to Place de la République in the heart of Paris - on five metro lines - we're surrounded by trendy shops and healthy food. 

Home to after-work drinks, Christmas parties, and the annual sales kick-off. Plus a beautiful terrace for lunch or to relax. 

Linkfluence Paris HQ


A 10-minute walk from Liverpool Street, our Central London office is in a well-connected location for the team to zoom off to client meetings.

Working in a Techspace gives the London office an open, sociable feel.

If you’re ever in the neighbourhood and fancy a coffee , just pop in and say hello!

London office 



Our office is located in a cool co-working space in the heart of CBD, with amazing food options around. We have a wonderfully diverse team from a who range of backgrounds and cultures. 

We love to celebrate tropical Christmas every year, and we take team members' birthdays very seriously. And every Friday we enjoy delicious treats!

Meet Josh, our Sales Director:

linkfluence singapore


Shanghai is a blend of Eastern and Western cultures. Located in the center, near Suzhou River, we're easily accessible by four different metro lines.
We have a wonderful team of predominantly women - unusual for a tech company. Our whiteboard is covered in inspiring quotes and anything else we feel passionate about.
APAC team02 (1)



Based in the trendy aera of  "Schwanenhöfe", one of  Düsseldorf´s Marketing Meccas, our loft-style offices are easily accessible with public transportation.

Each year we celebrate a summer party in addition to the Christmas party. We love our office dogs Simba and Fanny (even if they are not there every day) and still have more space for more puppies.

We're right next door to a fitness studio, and we a have foosball table if that's your preferred form of exercise.


San Francisco

Based at WeWork, we enjoy plenty of treats and other activities with the many startups around us. We're just a block away from BART/Muni station, so it's easy to get almost anywhere.

We're also only a block away from Twitter HQ - our valued partner.

We love our Tuesday yoga & meditation evenings, and stand-up desks keep us all happy and healthy.

Meet Krysta, our Key Account Manager:

In the area? Come say hi. 

As much as we love social media and the internet, nothing beats meeting you face to face. Got a question or feel like chatting? Pay us a visit at one of our offices anytime.