About Us

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We’re all about insight!

At Linkfluence we’re focused on just one thing; helping marketers find consumer insights that have a powerful impact on your business.

We’re bringing market research into the age of social-data, giving you the ability to get always-on insight into consumer behaviors and attitudes in real-time, instead of waiting weeks for research studies to be carried out.

We do this through a combination of AI and human expertise, applied to global data sources, to analyze online consumer discussions and trends.

Our team includes of some of the best data scientists, machine learning specialists, and market research experts in the world.

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Who is Linkfluence for?

Our platform is primarily used by marketing teams who need to understand their consumer audiences better. Whether you’re a CMO who wants to optimize the entire brand life-cycle with smarter insights, or a Head of Insights looking for specific intelligence around a region or segment, Linkfluence is for you.

We serve over 500 clients worldwide across all industries, from global brands like LVMH, Nike, and Epic Games, to Danone, Pernod Ricard, and Toyota.

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How is Linkfluence different from other social listening tools?

For us, social listening is just the beginning, a first step on the path to actionable consumer insights that give brands the intelligence they need to stay competitive. We believe social data is far more powerful when you have expert help to analyze it.

Our team of market research specialists has extensive experience across a wide range of industries, they understand how to structure and interrogate the data to get the insights you’re looking for.



Why trust Linkfluence?

We have been in business since 2006, and in 2021 we were acquired by Meltwater, a leading global provider of media intelligence and social analytics solutions with a global network of 50 offices in 25 countries and 28,000 customers.

Being part of the Meltwater group enables Linkfluence to offer our customers a reliable, stable solution with excellent support and regular product enhancements.