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Become a Consumer Intelligence Expert!

A set of programs to help you navigate the world of Social Intelligence. Start your learning journey today and make better strategic decisions.


With Linkfluence Academy, you'll learn how to:

Be customer centric

According to Deloitte, Customer-Centric companies are 60% more profitable than their competitors. With billions of conversations every day and AI-powered tools to analyze them, Social Intelligence is the best way of attaining Customer Centricity. Learn how to take advantage of this treasure trove of consumer insights with the Linkfluence Academy!


Make better decisions with social data

Leverage social media data to build winning marketing strategies and reach your business goals. Be it for tracking marketing campaigns, getting inspired for future products, exploring new topics, or identifying influencers and tribes, we've got you covered.

Make better decisions with social data

Certify your social data skills

If you've got it, flaunt it! Get Linkfluence certified and be recognized by your coworkers, friends and professional network.

Certify your social data skills

Expand your digital knowledge

Companies with enterprise-wide education and talent development practices are more likely to succeed in their digital transformation.

Discover new ways to leverage social media data from our social intelligence experts and use it to empower your marketing strategies.

Expand your digital knowledge


Courses & Certifications

Social Intelligence for Marketing

This Learning Path will help you become a Customer Centric Marketer by applying Social Intelligence in your marketing Strategies and Activations.

Social Intelligence for Marketing is a complete walkthrough of why and how to apply Social Intelligence in your Marketing activities, from Analysis & Strategy to Measurement.

Contents: Course Videos, Expert Interviews, Case Studies, a Final Quiz The quiz delivers the Industry’s first Social Intelligence for Marketing Certification.


Radarly Essentials

This Learning Path will help you understand the world of Social Intelligence, and how to use Radarly to monitor brands and derive insights from social data.

We will guide you through the fundamentals of Radarly, our AI-powered Social Listening platform. Learn how to master Radarly’s features, from dashboards to ready-to-present exports!

Contents: Course Videos & Presentations, Quizzes The final quiz delivers the Industry’s very first Certification (Radarly Essentials).