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Linkfluence announces a record investment of 12 million euros

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Linkfluence announces a record investment of 12 million euros

Last year was an incredible year for Linkfluence. 2015 saw the opening of a trendy office in the heart of London, as well as foreign growth operations in Germany, China and Singapore. Our position strengthened in Europe and in Asia, enabling us to fully support our clients on a global scale.

For ten years, the company has gone from strength to strength and today we proudly announce our largest investment yet…


This record fundraising adds to an already celebratory year. The year in which Linkfluence blows out ten birthday candles and confirms an annual growth of 50%.

Investment from long-standing shareholders Banexi, Orkos Capital and Sigma Management, and new supporter, BNP Paribas Development, aids R & D and innovation and activates further international expansion.


"Attracting investment from such houses as BNP Paribas Development sends a strong signal to the market and positions the company as a serious contender with excellent potential."

Hervé Simonin, CEO of Linkfluence.

As well as forming partnerships with social players DataSift, Ditto Labs and Hootsuite this year, we have been working very hard to push social intelligence the next mile. Our product team has made significant technological advances and these developments have gained worldwide recognition.

Linkfluence is announced winner of the French Tech Ticket programme and winner of Goldbach’s prize for the best global "Earned Media Monitoring and Analytics" tool in 2016. Radarly, our social listening software, is officially credited for the third consecutive year.

"In the context of an extremely rapidly growing market, we hold all of the tools for success... Technological capital, a strategic R&D programme, flexibility and strong human expertise. Thanks to this, each day we are developing the most innovative technology in the market."

Hervé Simonin, CEO of Linkfluence..

Thanks to our shareholders, we look forward to fulfilling our ambition of becoming the market leader in social media intelligence. Here’s to the next ten years!

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