5 Best Social Media Campaigns in Asia during the 2018 Mother’s Day

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Mother’s day is just around the corner. It’s reaching the season that everyone is busy preparing for surprises and sourcing gifts to show our moms appreciation for how much they have done for us. On the flip side, this season is definitely a major opportunity for marketers to increase their brands’ visibility and to see a spike in sales.

When almost all brands are joining this marketing battle to attract customers, how can your brand distinguish yourself from the crowd? Are you out of cool new ideas to create an eye-catching and creative marketing campaign?

By leveraging the social media listening platform Radarly, we monitored and analysed all 126,980 online conversations pertaining to “Mother’s day” across different social media platforms including Weibo, WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. from a selection of Asian countries between April 6 to May 5 (30 days).

Based on the insights we had, five social media campaigns captured our attention with brilliant brand messages as well as high consumer engagement. In this blog post, we’re dissecting these top campaigns’ successes to help you improve your next marketing campaign.

Let’s dive in!

5 best Mother’s Day campaigns on social media in 2018

From our social monitoring data, these five brands generated the highest shares of voice and online engagement in these 30 days leading up to Mother’s Day.

  1. Dyson

Dyson - this British electrical appliances brand has not only rapidly developed in the US, and Europe in the past decades, but also becoming increasingly popular in Asian countries. The Mother’s day campaigns started across Asia in Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore since mid-April.

With a share of voice of 8,013, Taiwan dominated the discussions volume by 98.65%, followed by Japan & Hong Kong, which accounted for 0.85% & 0.19% respectively.

However, based on the estimated reach on Radarly, Malaysia emerged as the second best Asian country for the Mother’s Day marketing campaign, reaching an audience of 436k (19.66%), only 53.5% lagging behind Taiwan’s 1.62m (73.16%) estimated reach. The post efficiency in Malaysia is also way higher than all other Asian countries, at 43,560. It appears that the Malaysian market for high quality electronic appliances is rapidly growing, and has huge growth potential for brands like Dyson, catching up with more developed markets like Japan and Hong Kong.

The brand managed to reach as many as 2.22 million people during this month.

  1. Pandora

In order to firmly establish their brand into the Asian market, Pandora has leveraged multiple online and social platforms for its marketing campaigns.

Here we can see that Pandora invested a lot on local Chinese social media platform, Sina Weibo (in red) to penetrate the Chinese market:

From the sentiment analysis on Radarly, we saw that the online sentiment and brand perception towards Pandora were very encouraging, with 920k of reach and attained 37.63% of positive sentiment driven by happy customers. Out of the five brands we’re analysing in this article, Pandora has the highest percentage of positive sentiment:

Quantitative data such as total number of mentions, share of voice, number of engagement, etc. are all important to tracking our marketing efforts. But qualitative data like sentiment analysis  helps put things in context for brands to deliver real actionable insights.

Our analysts reckoned that the new Pandora Mother’s day product series not only has a timeless design made with quality material, but more importantly, presents a wonderfully crafted message of “honouring multifaceted maternal love.” This unique branding successfully drove the brand great PR in big publications such as Spot in the Philippines, Elle in Japan and Sina in China.

Here are some examples of what customers talked about online:


  1. Clarins

Known for “always ready to listen, do more and do better” for their product innovations, Clarins is a familiar brand always playing an active role with their marketing promotions during Mother’s day.

This year, Clarins successfully made it to the top of all Mother’s Day marketing campaigns with influencer marketing, through big and micro-influencers.

In Taiwan, our social listening experts found that Clarins invited three energetic and young female celebrities 邵庭 (828k followers), 孟耿如 (543k followers) & 许路儿 (447k followers) to endorse their brand. With this move, Clarins managed to broaden its visibility and positive impression to a younger and wider targeted audience.

To take maximum advantage of the social conversation around Mother’s Day, micro-influencers such as the skincare bloggers Chloe* 吳洛儀 (92k followers), 黄小米Mii (11.8k followers), as well as the highly influential female magazine, ELLE Taiwan (1.32m followers), helped drove even more conversations and engagement around their Mother’s Day campaign.

For brands that are looking for the best ways to identify influencers to work with, here is an example of an influencer mapping for a specific brand and industry. Most of the time, the analysis features emerging new influencers who are gaining traction as well. New and micro-influencers are often easier to work with if you have a smaller budget, and might at times drive higher engagement thanks to their niche audience.

  1. Asiana Airlines Taiwan

In addition to the typical gift choices like flowers, skincare or cosmetic products that we usually see for Mother’s Day, what caught our eyes this year was the increasing popularity of travel-related promotions such as the Mother’s Day “staycations” and weekend getaways.

Surprisingly, these travel-related gift options had sparked a tremendous amount of conversation as the second most-talked-about gift and reached an audience of over 6.27m people (overall 160m):

Among all the travel-related brands that we identified, Asiana Airlines Taiwan drove the highest engagement rate of 6.21k (2.46k likes, 2.08k comments & 1.6k shares) with its audience in early April with just one Facebook’s post - a contest where Asiana offered participants the chance to win some amazing gifts by leaving comments under the post.

Our analysis showed that topics surrounding travel during Mother’s day in Asia are primarily discussed on Websites (76%), followed by Media (9%) and Instagram (4%).

The platform that achieved highest reach is Facebook (2,845,385 audiences), however, blogs and Twitter are relatively unpopular in Asia, accounting for only 38,451 and 10,636 of audiences respectively.

  1. Lindt

Conversations pertaining to “chocolate” in Japan attained 1.14m of audience during Mother’s day this year. With just three eye-catching photos that Lindt published during their Mother’s day promotion, the brand reached 492k of audience, 33% of overall estimated reach.

There is no doubt that all social media marketers know the importance of visual assets in their social media marketing. But how did Lindt stand out from the crowd during the huge visual floods during Mother’s Day? Here are the three photos they posted during the month leading up to Mother’s Day - which photo looks more delicious and appealing?

We can see that the first photo resonated the most with the consumers as chocolate is no longer a snack or sweet treat, but a key breakfast item to be consumed every day, especially during breakfast and tea time.

Another way with which Lindt drove more social engagement was to republish content on different platforms. For example, here Lindt Japan did a re-tweet to reach more people:

Boost your next marketing campaign with social listening

Understanding your competitors and industry is crucial to help your brand stay ahead and remain competitive. It also helps you learn from the hits and misses of other brands to improve your own campaigns and strategies.

This post was written based on social data collected over 30 days on our social listening platform, Radarly. We create industry reports for brands and agencies by monitoring social conversations over long periods of time on topics tailored to their business interests.

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