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We’ve Raised $9M of New Funding Validating Our Focus on AI-enabled Consumer Insights

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Earlier last year, I shared that we were going to pursue a new approach to social media intelligence by focusing on providing solutions to high-value identified use cases of brands with social data. I had just come on board at Linkfluence and after discussions with many clients, I felt there were clear expectations to do more with than basic social media monitoring: measuring brand perception, identifying and understanding communities better, detecting trends. These were all valuable and actionable use cases for which social data was expected to provide answers. 

Since then, we’ve invested significantly in AI technology to enrich Radarly, our SaaS social listening platform, with new data structuring capabilities. The move allowed us to address the most urgent need of a marketer in today’s fast changing environment - understand consumer behaviour and shifts in mindset as they occur, real time and unsolicited. Through the use of computer vision and advanced topic modelling we’re able to identify and examine product attributes, market categories, trends and consumer segments at speed and scale, empowering marketers previously limited by the time and budget constraints. Structuring data might not seem much but by transforming raw and chaotic data into meaningful concepts that are familiar to marketers, it changes everything.

Our vision: more automated consumer insights

So in early 2019 we decided to shift our focus and address the growing need for automated consumer insights. The work we’ve been doing for some of the world's biggest and most successful consumer brands made us realize that what our customers require is a new approach to research. One that enables global matrix organisations to seamlessly and efficiently understand the modern consumer.

Overcoming the limitations of social listening and traditional market research has been at the heart of everything we’ve been doing for the last two years. The focus of all teams, from engineering and product to research and client services, has been to deliver actionable and valuable insights in real time. Enabling our customers to become truly consumer-centric organizations, able to predict consumption patterns and behaviours through data that is structured, relevant and reliable.

These developments have led to new products: after introducing our Social Brand Tracker to provide a consistent measurement framework for brands to understand not just how impacting they are but also how they are perceived by consumers, we built Linkfluence Tribes, a solution that helps brands identify, understand and monitor communities in order to design and measure more targeted activations. 

A global market validation

Vision is nothing without market validation. An important part of our plan was to continue with global expansion. Following our success in France (where we’re humbled to be trusted by 19 of the 25 most valuable brands as ranked by Kantar Millward Brown), Europe and China (where we acquired ActSocial based in Shanghai in 2015), we’ve been looking at the US. Through the above strategic changes and product innovations, and by leveraging on the acquisition of Scoop.it, we were able to gain rapid traction in the region. The US has quickly become our second largest operation and is currently on track to overtake France, our home market, by the end of the year. This hasn’t just meant strong international growth for Linkfluence: perhaps more importantly, it’s a great validation for the changes we’ve implemented from the most demanding market in the world when it comes to marketing and technology.

What it means for our customers

The support of our investors is the testament to the hard work and commitment of our team and I want to thank all the Linkfluencers for the impressive work as well as the sacrifices they’ve made to make change happen in this fast-moving market. 

Since I joined a bit more than 18 months ago, I’ve been struck by how customer-centric the Linkfluence team was and how strong the service culture was, pushing the team to always put client needs first. So we’re very conscious that none of the success over the last two years would have been possible without the continued trust of our clients and we’re proud to share the exciting news with you. With funding available, we’re now able to build on what we’ve achieved so far and continue to be a factor of digital transformation for global brands. Our focus and aim is to keep investing in the three areas which contributed to our success so far - data structuring, international expansion and client services. 


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