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A new look and feel for Linkfluence!

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You might have noticed a few changes on our website and, if you’re a Linkfluence customer, in our platform interface. This week we’re updating our brand look and feel, following our recent acquisition by Meltwater.

As you’ll see, the change is just a small evolution. We’re keeping the Linkfluence name and logo, but updating our color scheme and a few stylistic elements. This reflects the fact that, although we’re joining the Meltwater group, the Linkfluence you know and love is not going to change dramatically.

Our platform will still offer all the tools and features you’re used to, while our data sources will get even better as our customers are now able to benefit from the data partnerships that Meltwater has established. Already, Linkfluence has been able to make data from the full Reddit firehose available to customers, as well as enhanced online news, and consumer reviews sites. 

The important takeaway is that there are no major changes to the platform, we’re just refreshing our branding and incrementally improving the UI.

In addition to the branding update, we've also completely refreshed our website, to give people a clearer picture of how Linkfluence can help them, and our values and goals as a business.  

Welcoming a new VP of Marketing

Jenny ForceWhile we’re telling you about our updated look and feel, we’d like to introduce our new VP of Marketing, Jenny Force, who joins us from Meltwater and will help us to reach a wider audience of insights professionals. Jenny arrived at Meltwater via the company’s acquisition of social listening platform, Sysomos, where she led marketing since 2015, so she’s very well versed in our space. 

Jenny now leads all aspects of Linkfluence’s global marketing efforts, including brand strategy, product marketing, media and advertising, social media, and lead generation campaigns. A Rhode Island native, she currently resides in Chapel Hill, NC with her husband and two sons.

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