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Announcing the New Linkfluence Academy

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Today we are pleased to announce the new Linkfluence Academy. This portfolio of online training courses is designed to help our customers get more value from Linkfluence by learning how to perform common marketing and research tasks effectively in our platform. 

It will also help you to build your job skills, since each of the Linkfluence Academy learning paths teaches industry best practices for the relevant task. So not only will you learn how to use our platform to achieve your goals more quickly, you’ll also be learning valuable skills that will be useful throughout your career. 

The course is completely free for all Linkfluence users and you can access it here with your usual login details. Today, Linkfluence Academy offers three learning paths: 

  • Social Intelligence with Radarly: Benchmarking

  • Social Intelligence with Radarly: Reputation Monitoring

  • Social Intelligence with Radarly: Campaign Tracking

We’ll be adding more soon, covering a wide range of common use cases. Each learning path takes around thirty minutes to complete, and they don’t have to be followed in order, so you can simply pick whichever modules are most relevant to you. 

When each course is completed you will be awarded a digital certificate, which you can use on LinkedIn or any other platform to demonstrate your capabilities. 

Guilhem FThis new training initiative highlights our commitment to ensuring Linkfluence users are able to use social listening to its full potential, and become experts in the field. By helping our customers to develop their skills, we know that they’ll get more value from the platform, and build trust in us as a valued partner for their marketing team.” - Guilhem Fouetillou, Chief Evangelist Officer & Head of Linkfluence Academy

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