Breaking News: We raised $21 million and acquired

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We’ve got news. Big news.

Since 2006, Linkfluence’s mission has been clear: bringing consumer insights to global brands through social listening.

Our last rounds of funding with Orkos Capital, Kreaxi Ventures, Sigma Gestion, Hera Capital and BNP Paribas Développement, have helped us grow from a small startup based in Paris to an international team of 200+ employees. With offices in France, UK, Germany, China, and Singapore, we serve global clients such as Danone, Publicis, LVMH, Dyson, Pernod Ricard, in over 30 different countries.

This year, we launched a new product, Linkfluence Search, a search engine for social data, have been named a social listening leader in both Summer and Fall 2018 by G2Crowd, and identified as one of the “10 providers that matter most” in the latest Forrester Wave report.

We’ve come a long way, and established our position as a European leader for social listening. But as our customer portfolio rapidly expands globally, we realized there’s still a long way to go. Among the 10 providers included in the Forrester Wave report, we’re the only one that isn’t yet present in the US. To become a global leader in social listening, we needed to add extra fuel in the tank to accelerate our growth.

So today, we’re super excited to announce a new series D funding of $21 million backed by two European late-stage funds, Ring Capital and Tikehau Capital.

This last round of funding is the largest within the social listening sector in the last three years, which confirms our conviction that Linkfluence’s business model is scalable, and that we’re on the right track for further growth.

We’ve also acquired, a San Francisco-based content monitoring software.

And as they say, good news come in threes: Guillaume Decugis, the Co-founder and CEO of, is joining the Linkfluence family as our new CEO.

Guillaume Decugis

As a serial entrepreneur and Silicon Valley veteran, Guillaume founded Musiwave - later acquired by Microsoft - and Goojet, before launching, which currently serves 5 million users and ranks #14 on the MarTech 50 list of the most influential MarTech companies by He will bring his MarTech experience in Silicon Valley to help Linkfluence achieve our goal to enter the US market and go global.


It’s a big moment for Linkfluence, not just for our team, but for all of our existing and future customers.

Going faster and further with

There are many reasons why we decided to join forces with But the main drivers for the acquisition boils down to these two:

Reinforcing our R&D and engineering teams

As a leading content monitoring platform, shares our vision in helping brands leverage online content to grow their business. The team use a similar technology as Linkfluence’s R&D and engineering teams to crawl, index and analyze content through artificial intelligence.

With’s acquisition, we’ve grown our R&D and engineering teams by 50%. With our pooled resources and joined forces, we’ll be able to develop better features faster, to derive more valuable insights from social and the web.

Building our US presence

Based on our successful track record of working with global brands across Europe and Asia, we’ve decided that now is the right time for us to enter the US market.

As a San Francisco-based company, joins Linkfluence with a portfolio of US clients and well-established brand presence in the United States.

The acquisition of marks our official launch in North America and the opening of Linkfluence’s first US office in San Francisco.

What's going to change?

Not too much. And only for the better.

With this latest round of funding, the acquisition of and our new office in San Francisco, we’re in great shape to enter the US market and serve our clients worldwide better.

On top of having expanded our R&D and engineering teams, we are hiring across sales, marketing, and operations teams in all our 6 offices.

The team will continue to operate independently under the umbrella of Linkfluence, and our teams will work side by side to strengthen our respective brands and offer better services to a more diverse and global market.

The synergy is already paying off: we’ve got a number of exciting new features coming out soon, and we can’t wait to share them with you. Stay Tuned!


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