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Come find Linkfluence at GADM #Social Event in London!

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For those who are not yet aware, Linkfluence has been well-established in the UK territory for the past 3 months. The new office is located in the unmistakable Shoreditch borough, Central London, and we have to confess it already looks great.

For us, the presence in England is important to develop new relationships with major international groups. Therefore our team already counts with 5 collaborators and it’s expanding quickly.

Furthermore with the news, turns out we are eager to announce Linkfluence spotted a striking opportunity to come out of its shell and launch itself into the UK Market! All there is to know about this pretty exciting news is right down below.

Our British Premiere
The event we chose to sponsor and actively participate takes place at the Tabernacle venue in London. Since the purpose is to gather UK Key Social Media seniors and Brand Marketers around the launch of GADM’s new book, Understanding the Social Media, we figured it would be the fit occasion to launch Linkfluence into the market as well.

In April 15th 2015 the occasion features the attendance of GADM’s Contributors Brands such as Ryanair, Topman, BNP Paribas and Ebay and an audience of 300 UK digital leaders.

GADM details & facts
In order to fresh-up your memory, GADM is the Global Academy of Digital Marketing. Self-explaining title? Not quite. In reality their mission goes fairly beyond its title, GADM is an association mainly in charge of enhancing the collaboration between UK-based digital marketers across all industries by creating an environment within which best practices and innovations can be shared.

Who’s talking?
From Linkfluence, Guilhem Fouetillou, our co-founder and official spokesperson  as a keynote speaker to discuss the power of Social Media Transformation! Plus, #Social will have its complete social media activities monitored by Radarly and displayed in real-time during the event.

The Understanding the Social Media Book
Written by Damian Ryan, the book holds contributions from leading brands including Top Shop, Google, British Airways, Coca Cola and Twitter, as well as media insights from experts in the field. The author is equally behind other previously published titles such as Understanding Digital Marketing and Best Digital Marketing Campaigns.

See you there!

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