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Radarly introduces deep profiling

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Summer hasn’t been (completely) dedicated to sunbathing and ice cream for the Linkfluence team... We have been working very hard to push data analysis the next mile on Radarly and are very happy to introduce three new features that bring a deeper level of insight into consumer opinion and audience profiling.

Thematic Stream Graph: in-depth topic analysis to make sense of big data sets at a glance

Thematic Stream Graph

We believe that analysing social conversation requires going beyond words to identify and understand wider topics and evaluate their presence. Linkfluence has developed a brand new technology called the Thematic Stream Graph. The graph identifies concepts within each single post of a data set. These concepts are gathered in topics and sub-topics and offer a clear understanding of brand conversation DNA.

The Stream Graph gives sense to data, providing a holistic view of themes related to your brand which can feed your content strategy.

Deep profiling: CEO or Chief Marketing Officer, what are your influencers’ jobs?

Social media analysis is not only about what is said, it’s about who says it. It pushed us to develop our profiling analysis in order to help our clients identify audiences participating in social conversation. Our new deep profiling technology reveals the age and gender of your audience, as well as their occupation. All of which will help segment your data set to facilitate insights generation.

Consumer insights: job title

Emoji Cloud: a better understanding of emotional reactions

Today, every smartphone or Twitter user can access 722 emojis - the symbols that map emotions as well as objects or concepts. 92% of internet users utilise emojis in digital conversation every day, presenting brands with an amazing opportunity.

Linkfluence has used emojis to analyse sentiment since 2013. From June this year, in just one click, Radarly users can visualise the most used emojis within brand and/or topic conversation in real time. A fast-track to understanding consumer emotions in a glimpse.

Emoji cloud: consumer insights

If you'd like to find out more or see these features in action then please get in touch!

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