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All You Need to Create a Winning Social Media Engagement Strategy

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Did you know that there are over 3 billion users across different social media platforms? That’s a significant number right? Even though social media platforms have become a prominent part of the online marketing ecosystem, it’s still a daunting task to cut through all the noise, connect brands with their target audience and foster an environment for smooth and user-friendly experiences. 

But how do we leverage these platforms to reach our potential customers? How do you create a USP for your brand in a hyper-competitive environment? These questions might sound overwhelming at first, but once you figure out the right strategy, even the most complex plans become easy. 

When executed correctly, social media campaigns can create unprecedented waves that sky-rocket businesses to the next level. There are countless examples where brands used social media engagement to improve their company’s profits and increase the number of conversion manifolds.

The Paradigm Shift

The time to create and foster a strong social media presence is now. Today, it’s impossible for a business to strive without leveraging these channels. And while graphics and videos might be all the rage, the most prominent factor that contributes to your brand’s success is user engagement. 

In this article, we will take a look at how you can develop some exceptional social media marketing strategies that will strengthen your digital presence, and improve the overall user engagement, in order to enhance business growth. Let’s take a look: 

Eliminate pieces of the puzzle 

The first step to improve engagement is to bring users the right messaging and format on each social account. Confused? Very often, we tend to make the mistake of posting identical messaging on each social network. Know your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram content formats, and the consumption behavior of audiences.  

Delete any unused or low traffic accounts across all social platforms to bring users to a single point of interaction on a social network. This is useful on multiple levels. First, it directs all the traffic to a single account, which was previously scattered. Second, it will improve the overall engagement on the main account and grow and enrich your brand’s social media presence. 

Moreover, it makes things convenient for your brand. Multiple accounts on a single social platform create unwanted confusion for the end-user. Delete those extra accounts and experience increased efficiency from your social media marketing teams and more traffic from your target audience across different platforms. 

Always Be Quality-Oriented

Don’t fall into the trap of churning out quantity. Know when to push for numbers, on the other hand, never compromise on the quality of your content. Although there is no said number when it comes to posting on social media, you should stick to a ‘quality-first’ approach. 

Don’t serve half-baked beans or stories that cannot be cited with a concrete source. Avoid click-baits as they will ruin your brand’s reputation over time. Create engaging posts, serve the content in a format that your customers desire, and that is capable of enticing a positive response from them. 

Take a look at this post by Volkswagen Malaysia to promote recycling.

volkwagen malaysia

Use content curation tools if you’re not sure about what kind of content can work for your target audience or if you wish to learn more about what’s trending in your area of business. Keep experimenting with the posting frequency until you strike the right number and get the desired level of engagement on your social accounts. 

Don’t Neglect Multiple Channels

It’s essential to have an online presence across different social media platforms because not every user will use the same platform to get their daily dose of content. While some enjoy getting updates through Instagram, others might prefer Facebook or Twitter. 

Having a multiple-channel presence that maintains consistency in the content posted will help you stand out from the competition. Remember, different platforms can be used to communicate the same information to different customer personas in various formats. 

Your team needs to be well-versed with the content format that is relevant to every platform and how they can leverage each one to communicate the message clearly. 

Don’t Be Boring: 

Yes, you’re on social media to market your business, but you cannot forget that people use these platforms to entertain themselves. If your posts just talk about selling products and appear overly promotional, then you’re eventually going to lose your audience’s interest. 

Make sure your posts aren’t dull, add some wit and humor to them to improve social media engagement. Go for puns related to your industry, share memes to convey offers, and create captions that will get the user’s attention for the right reasons. 

Host ‘Ask Me Anything’ Sessions:

A prevalent technique used by celebrities to engage with their fans. Hosting a Q&A on your social media accounts can magnify user engagement. One way to do this is through Facebook Live.  For example, Starbucks went live from Rufus King Park in Jamaica, Queens to turn up the vote on National Voter Registration Day. Take a look at how they made the most of it below.

"We're LIVE from Rufus King Park in Jamaica, Queens to Turn Up The Vote. Join us, Common and Howard Schultz to celebrate National Voter Registration Day."

Answer their queries, join in on an ongoing debate in the comments section, or even spark a discussion by asking the audience for their opinion about your product. Remember, people love to be heard, and if you acknowledge their suggestions, you have a potential prospect.

You can always add a FAQ section on your business website, but make sure to update it regularly and hyperlink the content to other relevant posts that contain in-depth information about a user’s query. Be the brand that your customers can trust and send out personalized responses whenever possible. 

Give Them Freebies: 

Want to increase the number of likes on your posts? Want more people to comment on your posts? Give them something to fight for! Leverage the social media platforms and let users like and comment by announcing a give-away at the end of a specified time frame. 

For example, you may ask users to subscribe to your YouTube channel and post a comment. In return, give them a chance to get their hands on your brand’s merchandise. You can ask users to share your post and offer a 10% discount on their next purchase. 

The experiments can be carried over to Twitter. You can ask your users to post a specific hashtag to promote a give-away contest and help it trend. To optimally leverage the give-away option, post the details on your brand’s blog and enable entry through multiple actions like commenting, subscription, sharing, and page likes. 

Bring in the Heavy Hitters:

Social media influencers can play a vital role in increasing your brand’s social media engagement. They have become influencers for a reason and know what their audiences are looking for. 

Bring them on-board by offering mutually beneficial partnership opportunities and let them enrich your social media content. Influencers can direct their followers to your brand, and it opens up avenues for more user engagements and interactions. On the plus side, your existing followers get unique content. 

Find new and creative ways in which influencers can contribute to your brand, and don’t be afraid to try something out of the box. Invite an influencer to your workplace and let them go live on Instagram or Facebook to improve social media engagement. You can share their old content on your profile and create a buzz on the internet. 

Encourage Users to Write Reviews: 

Get the buzz going by asking your users to talk. Welcome their opinions - good or bad - and find out what they actually desire. It’s a part of effective social listening, and you shouldn’t be scared of receiving a negative review or two. 

When a happy user posts authentic, positive reviews, it has better chances of influencing the purchasing decisions of consumers. But don’t start luring users into writing reviews in exchange for a freebie. Offering free products or discount codes in exchange for reviews is a black-hat practice, and if such an incident is reported, your account might risk suspension.

Always Be Yourself:

Much like your target audience’s persona, it’s essential to create one for your brand and stay true to it through and through. Social media platforms are home to millions of users and businesses, and everyone is trying to find ways to publicize their products and services. 

Stay clear of the trap of promoting just anyone or anything. Don’t engage in creating associations with brands or individuals that are not related to your industry or line of work. Treading down that path creates a good chance to lose the trust of your existing followers and unfollows will follow suit. Be consistent and establish an emotional connection with your audience. Do not lose your brand’s identity for short term monetary gains. 

Shell Out Some Dollars:

There is a reason why paid ads have stuck around for so long - they generate results. While some might say that the cost per acquisition is high using paid ads, they are a good investment. Don’t be skeptical about investing money into your social media marketing budget and reach out to your target audience in an effective manner.

Not only are these advertisements great for reaching your targeted personas, but they can also be used to raise awareness and educate your audience. When your brand is being featured on social media platforms regularly, customers start trusting your brand. This, in turn, can trigger a purchase. On the contrary, you can simply hire influencers to spread the word about your brand. But regardless of what you prefer, don’t be afraid to shell out some dollars if you wish to see your business grow at a steady pace. 

To Wrap Up

There’s no denying the fact that social media campaigns can expedite the process of improving numbers in business. Social media marketing is essential to get your business off the ground and has proved to have a positive ROI in the long run. The key to creating effective social media marketing strategies has more to do with psychology than marketing. And you know the interesting part? With more participation, you get a better understanding of the entire process. 

Take one step at a time. First, set things in motion with your social media efforts. Once the ball is rolling, transition your focus towards leveraging the momentum into boosting conversions. Never compromise with your social media strategy for short term monetary goals and keep engaging with your followers regularly. 

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Dhruv is an SEO strategist at SocialPilot. He discovers new strategies to optimize the content. He believes in striking a balance between work and life. So when not sleuthing for tips, he is chiseling his fitness-goals and traveling around the world.

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