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What FMCG Brands Need to Know About Online Shoppers in 2021

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Consumers looking for much needed boosts of serotonin in 2020 were all over the web as Ecommerce saw a boom like never before. Our analysts found that online mentions about Ecommerce across three industries—FMCG, AlcBev, and Auto—increased by a significant 135.6% compared to 2019. More specifically, a 311% increase was found in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry from February to March of 2020 with an overall growth in the industry of 151% from 2019 to 2020 (as seen in the Radarly screenshot below).

Even though online discussion about Ecommerce has fallen back gradually since May of 2020, conversations surrounding this topic are still happening at much higher rates than in 2019. Yet, as stores begin to reopen and consumers hurry to return to normal life, one question remains: What does the future of FMCG Ecommerce look like, and how can brands keep their newfound online shoppers engaged? 

To answer this question, our team focused on two big issues:

  1. Consumer motivation for choosing Ecommerce as a means of shopping
  2. The needs, desires, and frustrations of consumers that emerge when using Ecommerce platforms

Consumer Motivation – Why are shoppers gravitating towards Ecommerce?

While a large percentage of consumers only began using online delivery and Ecommerce outlets because they were afraid of contracting or spreading COVID-19, most consumers now seem to prefer Ecommerce experiences over less convenient and more traditional offline buying experiences.

Thanks to Ecommerce, browsing for new products, placing an order, and gearing up for an upcoming delivery has been a source of excitement for many over the last year; not just to fulfill a need for an item, but to add a little fun to life in lockdown. With our social lives heavily restricted for a prolonged period, online shopping became one of the few sources of happiness for many people.

By analyzing online conversational data from social media and the web, our team found that the “A Way to Treat Yourself” trend showed a +154% evolution when compared to 2019. Many consumers, unable to leave their homes in 2020, filled up their online shopping carts more frequently as a means to achieve a simple and immediate mood boost. We found that FMCG tribes also typically find relaxation and enjoyment from shopping for items like cosmetics and clothing. Online shopping puts consumers in an even better mood when the products are personalized or packaged in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Screen Shot 2021-06-02 at 1.59.50 PM

Key needs, desires, and frustrations of FMCG Ecommerce consumers

We analyzed data from millions of social media posts gathered by Radarly (our social listening software) and the expertise of our researchers to fully understand the key needs, desires, and frustrations that arise for consumers as they use FMCG Ecommerce platforms.

To access the full list of FMCG tribes and their key needs, desires, and frustrations, request a download of the full New & Emerging Trends in Ecommerce Report!

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For consumer brands, it is an opportune time to improve and raise the value of Ecommerce in your overall strategies. Request our full New & Emerging Trends in Ecommerce Report today to find out more about how you can make the most out of your platform today.


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