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Facebook Monitoring with Linkfluence

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Social media is a treasure trove of information about your audience. But one platform that’s lacking in the analytics department is Facebook. Despite being the largest social network in existence, with over 2 billion active users, Facebook tools may not be enough to help marketers learn more about their followers in Facebook Groups and Facebook pages. That’s where Linkfluence can help.

As a consumer sentiment and insights platform, Linkfluence has made media monitoring and social data its core focus. You can learn more about your social media followers, what they’re talking about, and how they feel about your brand, among other things (even off-Facebook activity!). Most importantly, you can use this data to create more valuable content and deliver experiences your audience will care about. 

No matter how you go about it, here’s why you should be tracking and monitoring your Facebook page analytics.

Table of Contents:

  • What is Facebook Monitoring?
  • Why is Facebook Monitoring Important?
  • Why Did Facebook Discontinue Its Analytics Tool?
  • Internal Facebook Monitoring Tools
  • Choosing Facebook Metrics to Track and Measure
  • Benefits of Monitoring Analytics for Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups
  • How to Monitor Facebook with Linkfluence


What Is Facebook Monitoring?

What is Facebook Monitoring

We define Facebook monitoring as the process of using tools to track, collect, and analyze data from Facebook. Brands can use this data to improve their social media marketing strategy, better understand their audience, and track competitor activity.

There are a number of different ways to monitor Facebook. You can use social media listening tools like Linkfluence to track keywords and phrases related to your brand. You can also use Facebook’s own Insights tool to get detailed information about your Group or Page performance.

Why Is Facebook Monitoring Important?

Facebook Monitoring Important

As the largest social media platform in the world, Facebook has a lot of power when it comes to the way brands are perceived. That’s why it’s so important for brands to monitor their presence on Facebook.

First and foremost, social media monitoring tools (including Facebook Page analytics) allow brands to see how their customers are interacting with their group or page. This valuable feedback can help brands improve their customer service or tailor their marketing messages.

Also, social media monitoring in general can help brands protect their reputation. If customers share negative content or comments about a brand on Facebook, it’s important to know about it so you can take the right steps to mitigate the damage.

Last but not least, a Facebook tracker can help brands stay ahead of the competition. Learn more about where your competitors excel and where they fall short. Then adjust your strategy so you can come out on top.

It sounds like a lot, but a monitoring tool like Linkfluence will do most of the heavy lifting for you.

Why Did Facebook Discontinue Its Analytics Tool?

In case you missed it, Facebook sunsetted its free Facebook Analytics tool in 2021. The platform cited “declining interest” as the reason. 

Truth be told, the available data in the Facebook page analytics panel wasn’t that great. Other analytics tools provide more in-depth insights compared to Facebook Analytics, steering many brands to choose third-party platforms like Linkfluence over Facebook’s built-in feature. What’s more, the growing interest in data privacy may have contributed to the decision. 

Internal Facebook Social Listening Options

With Facebook Analytics off the table, brands can now choose between a third-party platform or internal data options, such as Facebook Insights, Facebook Business Suite, Ads Manager, or Creator Studio for social listening data.

What Are Facebook Insights?

There is another option inside Facebook to monitor your Page activity – Facebook Insights.

Facebook Insights is a native tool that provides valuable data about your Facebook page analytics. You can use these insights to improve your page’s performance and better engage with your audience.

Page owners can see real-time information about their audience and how they interact with the page. It includes data on things like:

  • How many people have seen your content
  • The demographics of your audience
  • When people are most active on your page
  • What kind of devices people use to access your page
  • What actions people take on your page (e.g., clicking links, liking posts, etc.)


This data can be helpful in a number of ways.

First, it gives you an idea of whether people are engaging with your page’s content. Over time, this data may also help you see trends and patterns that will help you improve your Facebook marketing.

The downside, of course, is that Facebook Insights is limited. It doesn’t cover any Facebook Group analytics, plus it only skims the surface of user details.

What Is Facebook Business Suite?

Facebook Business Suite is an easy-to-use collection of social media monitoring tools to manage Facebook, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram in a single place.

The suite includes tools for creating and managing Pages, ads, and insights. It also provides a way for businesses to communicate with customers through Messenger. It’s designed to help businesses save time and money by providing them with everything they need to manage their Facebook presence in one place. 

What Is Ads Manager?

Running paid ad campaigns? Facebook Ads Manager focuses on monitoring ad performance. It’s free to use and can help you monitor and tweak small details like headline copy, calls-to-action, and ad placement on the fly.

What Is Creator Studio?

Facebook’s content management tool, called Creator Studio, lets you manage and analyze the performance of your Facebook and Instagram content. This tool is also free to use and helps you spot content monetization opportunities.

Choosing Facebook Metrics to Track and Measure

Facebook Metrics KPIs

You can access these free internal tools in your Facebook account. Each tool chooses and tracks a variety of metrics. That said, you don’t have to pay attention to all of them. It’s best to know what you’re looking for so you can leverage the most important data and tune out the rest.

The following metrics tend to matter most to brands on Facebook:

  • Post reach: How many users saw your post
  • Post types: The type of content that best resonates with your audience
  • Page views: How many views your page received in a given time period
  • Location data: Where your audience members are located
  • Audience demographics: The age and gender breakdown of your audience

The above metrics apply to Facebook Pages. For Facebook Group analytics, you can use Facebook Insights provided your group has 50 or more members. Some of the key metrics here include:

  • Top Contributors: The members who are most active in your group
  • Engagement: The times that members are most active in your group
  • Growth: The number of members joining your group

Linkfluence can build on your Facebook Group analysis even more. For example, you can track things like consumer sentiment to see how your fans or members feel about your brand or content. You can also monitor specific topics or keywords to see how others are talking about those things, spot trends, or identify shifts in sentiment.

What's more, you can glean these and other insights regardless of your audience size.

Benefits of Monitoring Analytics for Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups

Facebook Page Analytics

Figuring out what and how to monitor and measure Facebook analytics can take some time, but the effort can be worthwhile. Here’s why:

Learn More About Your Audience

As the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook offers incredible opportunities for brands to connect with their target audiences. But in order to make the most of this opportunity, brands need to understand more about their audience on Facebook.

Gaining audience insights helps you figure out how best to connect with your followers. You’ll be able to spot what content is most relevant to them and see which marketing strategies are most effective.

Optimize Your Facebook Posting Schedule

Posting on the right dates and times will help your content get noticed more by the right people. Tracking Facebook audience data will help you post at times when your ideal customers are most likely to see it.

Being data-driven is better than taking generic advice on optimal posting times. It’s more tailored to your brand and customers. Using historical data, you might find that your ideal posting schedule doesn’t follow the norm. When your posts get more visibility and engagement, you’ll be able to get even more impact for the same amount of work.

Improve Your Facebook Presence

Constantly monitoring your Facebook analytics helps you see how you’re performing at all times. You can make better decisions about changing your strategy, posting more or less frequently, creating specific types of content, and other details that deliver results.

What’s more, you’ll have all the data you need to support your decisions to key company stakeholders. Ongoing monitoring will give you up-to-date data that you can use to justify your decisions and show where you’re making progress.

How to Monitor Facebook with Linkfluence

Facebook offers a number of ways to stay in touch with your followers and monitor your activity. But for many brands, those tools just aren’t enough to reach the next level in social media marketing.

Whether you’re using influencer marketing or sharing your own content, building a new following or growing an existing one, Linkfluence is here to empower your Facebook data. 

Linkfluence’s all-in-one, enterprise-level platform fills data gaps left behind by the app’s internal tools, ensuring you learn more about your audience than ever before. Get real-time insights with a custom dashboard that shows you important information you care about. 

Discover deeper meanings with context-driven insights, such as brand sentiment and audience sentiment analysis across a wide range of topics. You can also get Facebook Group monitoring, even if you don’t have 50 group members. With no limit on search terms, it's one of the most powerful and flexible social listening tools you can get. 

You can deploy Linkfluence across your entire social media strategy. Learn more about your audiences on LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Whatsapp, and other apps – all from a single dashboard.

Get started today – request a demo and see how Linkfluence improves your Facebook monitoring!


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