Linkfluence Strengthens its Offering with Facebook Topic Data

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Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active members - almost a third of whom are in Asia - that use the network to share, like or comment on topics that interest them. More than half of these people connect to the platform every day. In the UK, over 60% of the population have a Facebook account.

These impressive figures indicate that Facebook is the world’s largest social platform, where numerous exchanges and interactions take place. The platform has become an ideal space for communications and marketing professionals to gain an understanding of their audiences.

Through its partnership with DataSift, Linkfluence now has access to Facebook topic data via Radarly and its real time and strategic services: aggregated, anonymous statistics relating to the full range of ways Facebook members interact, whether in terms of brands, products, events, content or themes. The key innovation lies in the fact that these interactions are now categorised according to socio-demographic criteria such as age, gender and location.

This new feature represents a meaningful evolution for Social Media Intelligence (SMI). Social data supplemented by socio-demographic information opens the door to new opportunities – particularly in the field of market research, strategic planning and media planning.

Facebook topic data strengthens the value of Linkfluence's offer as of today. The content analysis enabled by SMI is complemented by an understanding of the audiences sharing that content, bridging the gap between audience and content. This data enables Linkfluence to:

- Enrich the way brands understand their products and consumer perceptions

- Track the development of brand crises in greater depth and understand the impact on brands and their reputation

- Optimise the content and real-time dissemination of online campaigns

- Identify new habits, trends and practices before they become widespread

As Hervé Simonin, Linkfluence CEO, explains:

"This new massive privacy-first data source strengthens Linkfluence's conviction that humans have to supplement algorithms. Human expertise is necessary if we want to move from the 'what?' question to the 'why?' - and ultimately to the ‘what for?'."

For Guilhem Fouetillou, Chief Evangelist Officer and Linkfluence co-founder:

"Social analytics is destined to become an essential tool for market research, PR and innovation. There's a whole world waiting to be explored".

To find out more about Linkfluence’s unparalleled access to social data, please get in touch!

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