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Who won the social Game of Thrones?

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The fantasy drama series has become a phenomenon. Since its first episode in 2011, each new season has been eagerly anticipated...

Social data supports the blossoming love story between Game of Thrones and its fans.

On the day of the episode 1, season 6 premiere, Game of Thrones triggered over 1 million tweets worldwide, which is 35 times more tweets than the first ever episode.

But who won the social Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones (5)

The top posting countries were Argentina, USA and Chile. However the UK's very own Domino's Pizza ignited conversation leading up to the Premiere.

Jon Snow remains a hot topic, the hashtag #jonsnowlives became increasingly popular throughout Season 6, episode 1, while #JonSnow was the third most used hashtag in conversation after #GameofThrones and #HBO.

If Jon Snow proceeds to live, maybe now he'll know a little more than nothing...

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