How to become an Instagram star part 2

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Part 1 Starting out - read the story behind how the guys got started on the road to over 10,000 followers!

P.2 - #MakingItWork

In part two of this 3 part series we delve into what it takes to keep the momentum going and keep the posts engaging.

1. Top 3 things you think about when you post something?

R.S - There are a few things that I think about. I won't ever post unless I think the quality of the photo is good enough - but maybe that's just me being particular. I've also learnt over time what foodies engage with on Instagram. Roast dinners, pizza and burgers are always guaranteed winners! So I always consider what will appeal to my following. Other than that, I also try to get some pictures of myself in to my feed. This helps personalise your account, and is something which appeals to brands.

A.B - How good is the picture? How popular or common is this meal? And lastly, and probably the most important, the time and day that I post. I find that engagement when posting in the morning is significantly lower than, let's say, Monday at 8pm.

2. Stories or original posts? What creates more traction and exposure?

R.S - Posts always get more traction. I couldn't believe it when I first hit 1,000 likes on a single post! The stories work as a great way to engage with your followers though, as they tend to drive more incoming, direct messages which you can then respond to.

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A.B - Yep, as Robbie said stories are a great way to let people know you've posted and to drive people to view your profile. Also, I tend to use stories for pictures that I won't post on my page due to picture quality, lighting, or the food itself (hard to snap a good omelette you know!)

3. Do you research relevant #, campaigns, etc to include in your posts?

R.S. I certainly have done my research on the top hashtags to be using with my content. I utilised Linkfluence's social monitoring tool, Radarly, to identify the most used and engaging hashtags within an Instagram food conversation, and used these to spark interest in my page. I've explored relevant hashtags for specific food types as well to see which generate the most buzz.

A.B - Have to completely agree with Skip on this one, I used Radarly to utilise and spot the common hashtags that were being used, and I now tend to recycle those. I will of course add those that are relevant to each dish but otherwise it can become too time consuming and it detracts from the fun part of it all.

4. How often do you check your statistics and monitor the growth of your account?

R.S - Probably on a weekly basis! I also have my Instagram account plugged in to Radarly. This allows me to track each individual post or story, and the levels of engagement I've achieved. It also lets me see how my followers are growing over time - slow and steady always wins the race!

A.B - That is a lie Rob! I see you checking your figures daily.. ha! I tend to probably check my followers daily (sounds sad right?) But then again I am on IG probably way too much and checking the overview page is hard to avoid.

5. Which categories, in your opinion, are most popular amongst Instagrammers? Why have you decided on a food channel?

R.SI think there are lots of channels that people can explore when starting their own channel. However, I chose food because I think it's the most accessible and relatable - everyone has to eat! I would either be making or buying food each day, so I just made sure to take a snap of it - there wasn't too much effort in starting my page. However, with other popular categories such as travel/clothing on Instagram - it could be fairly expensive to start that up from scratch if you were genuinely doing those things yourself!

A.B - I tend to follow mostly food bloggers and restaurants so my timeline I would say is 92% food, 3% my mates and 5% fashion. However, no matter who's page you are checking, I am sure they've posted a pic of a meal they've recently had... Everyone seems to enjoy sharing a good burger or fry-up! I would in no way say I am a food expert, but I do love eating out and I tend to eat out daily so why not share these dishes?


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