Instagram API Changes: Impact on Linkfluence and Radarly users

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On 4th April, Instagram announced an immediate access restriction to its API, following a larger effort by Facebook to strengthen user privacy and security in response to the news that up to 87 million users had their data improperly obtained by Cambridge Analytica. Although these new limitations were imposed by Facebook with a short notice, Linkfluence strongly believes that these changes are necessary to reinforce trust and transparency in our industry.

The main changes to the Instagram API are as follows:

  • Reduction in the API call limit: from 5 000 requests per hour, to 200 requests per hour per Instagram account
  • Restricted access to potentially personally identifiable data: limited access to profile information such as name, bio, comments, commenters, follower count, following count, post count, and profile picture

How is it affecting Linkfluence and Radarly users?

As a badged Facebook Marketing Partner, Linkfluence is in a privileged position to work very closely with the Facebook team to implement these changes gradually to strengthen Instagram users’ privacy. Our product and tech teams are here to ensure that our users have a smooth transition and experience limited impact with reference to these new restrictions.

This API change will also have limited impact on our research and analyst teams’ capacity to analyze social data based on hundreds of millions of sources for quantitative and qualitative research reports.
As a pioneer and leader in social media data intelligence, Linkfluence has always strived to provide global brands with valuable consumer insights while respecting customer privacy and security. We’ll therefore continue to work hand in hand with Instagram, Facebook, and all our partners to maintain that balance.

A detailed release note will be sent to all our users in the coming days. In the meantime, do not hesitate to email us at if you have any questions.



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