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How to Draw Actionable Marketing Insights From Instagram: The Case of the Shoeaholic

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Instagram is developing its core functionalities to become more than an app for discovery and inspiration, but a generator of sales too.

Instagram is rapidly evolving

In November 2016, Instagram partnered with 20 fashion brands, including Michael Kors, Tory Burch, and Levi's to test a new sales-centric activation.

In March 2017, the company announced its plans to expand this programme to thousands of brands in the apparel, beauty and jewelry space.

The fashion sector is notorious for its presence on Instagram, and therefore often gains early access to new activations. All leading fashion brands understand the importance of fully utilizing the platform to benefit from its potential – from generating sales to earning free brand advocacy, to extracting actionable consumer marketing insights or driving product innovation.

Linkfluence offers its fashion and retail clients including Dior, Dunhill and IWC a social listening programme that delivers all the above, thanks to our unrivaled global Instagram coverage.

The Instagram Case of the #Shoeaholic

We looked at people that simply love shoes; the return visitors who demonstrate brand loyalty and the first-time buyers who are waiting to cast a first impression.

The who: Who are the shoe lovers posting on Instagram? 

Radarly deepens its audience profiling by going beyond core demographic data, such as age and gender. By extracting job titles and exploring interests, brands are able to comprehensively profile their different audiences and drive targeted campaigns.

Outside of creative roles (stylists, bloggers, designers, models and journalists etc), the most common users sharing content around shoes are high end professionals: founders, directors, CEOs, Managers, attorneys, entrepreneurs and therapists.

Spanish lawyer, and running and style blogger Sara Martin Bautista, boasts 24,000 followers and a glossy, fashion-fuelled feed with high engagement rates.


Thanks to Sara’s social profile, she’d be extremely valuable as part of a low-key influencer initiative. This approach is less costly than using celebrities, and more effective than posting from a brand account.

In fact, research by MuseFind indicates that…

92% of consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement.”

The what: What are the top shoe trends? 

Fashion is a competitive and fast-moving industry. It is vital to keep up-to-date with the latest shifts and styles, but even more important to project emerging trends ahead of competitors. Instagram is a platform for discovery, inspiration and influence, not only for consumers but also for brands.

Spring Style...

The most discussed Spring shoe is… a pair of heels!

Vintage style shoes are also particularly provocative, triggering high levels of positive conversation and engagement.

Pink is this season’s colour, and an apt floral print proves to be very popular…


Even for the gents…


Summer Style...

Instagram Summer Trends for Shoeaholics

Summer 2017 is the season of camo sneakers and golden sandals…


You will never be far from a gold pair of sandals! Radarly identifies over ten countries discussing this Summer’s must-have, from the United States to the Philippines.

The how: How to engage shoe addicts

It is important to understand where your product stands within the wider topic ecosystem. Shoes are accessories. Accessories are a small element that can make a big difference, but sometimes it’s better to look at the whole picture.

Images capturing an entire outfit using shoe hashtags as well as generic fashion hashtags such as #ootd and #wiw drive more engagement.


Consumers respond better to the inspiration of a complete look over a visual of just shoes.

What topics get consumers talking?

Instagram is a visual platform, therefore the aesthetics of a pair of shoes (style, colour and fabric) dominate conversation.

Comfort and price are elements less considered in online conversation, and more of an in-store practical matter.

Understanding the differences between platforms is fundamental. Tailoring your strategy based on these differences will increase the potential value each outlet brings.

Data tells a story

It’s important to look beyond the metrics and explore the content to drive value for your brand. Through a brief analysis of #shoeporn conversation, we have driven insight around where to post, who to target, how to effectively echo your message, what to say and how to say it.

If you would like to learn more about driving insight from social data, with Radarly or other tools like the Meltwater social listening platform, please get in touch!

*Insights based on an Instagram data sample of 172,000 posts.

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