Introducing Content Landscape, our brand new AI-powered feature in Radarly

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Since the rise of the social web (forums, blogs, etc.) and the explosion of social networks, billions of users express their thoughts, moods, and opinions on a wide range of topics, brands or even products.

Looking at the latest State of the Internet in Q4 2018 from We Are Social & Hootsuite, the figures make one feel dizzy: 44% of the world population now actively uses social media.

Social media use - State of Internet Q4 2018

For brands that want to listen to online conversations and open new horizons with consumer insights, this represents a wealth of information.

The ability to detect, monitor, analyze, and understand opinions expressed on social media platforms has become a key component of Social Media Intelligence, also known as opinion mining.

Opinion mining is a type of natural language processing that analyzes the attitude of a writer with respect to a topic. The goal of opinion mining is to identify the overall contextual tonality, emotional reaction, and affective state expressed by the subject. Sometimes, we call it sentiment analysis.

For years, opinion mining in Social Media Monitoring tools has been limited to the detection of positive, neutral, or negative posts at the document level (Tweet, Instagram post, Facebook post, LinkedIn post, etc.), which is what most tools offer for sentiment analysis.

However, as we are all aware, customer opinions are much more nuanced than just positive and negative. Document-level opinion mining also does not take into account relationships between different conversations.

To help brands understand their customers better, our Artificial Intelligence team decided to go much further.

Jade Copet, Head of the Artificial Intelligence Department at Linkfluence says:

“We aim at going beyond the coarse-grained classification, offering deeper insights on the opinion held on particular topics (eg. a person, a product, an organization, an event, a location), making it the first step toward entity-level sentiment analysis! ”

This is how Content Landscape, our brand new AI-powered feature, is born.

Introducing Content Landscape, a big picture of your brand conversations

Content Landscape offers a macro view of the conversations around your brand, or whatever topic you’re monitoring. This AI-powered feature automatically categorizes the most important topics and entities and shows the sentiment and context associated.

Content Landscape helps you understand the overall sentiment expressed through the conversations captured all around the web about a brand, a company, a market.

See it in video!

Monthly brand presence overview

Every month, Content Landscape generates a map that shows the online sentiment towards a project, closely related brands and influencers, and wider topics of interest.

It helps you understand the most prominent discussions regarding your topic of interest, as well as identify subjects, entities, or other people closely related to your topic.


Get answers to key business questions

Content Landscape gives you answers to key business questions such as:

  • How is my topic of interest discussed on the web?
  • Is my brand referred to in a positive or negative manner?
  • Are users more positive about our competitors than us?
  • What are the terms used when talking about our brand or products?
  • How are similar or associated topics discussed?
  • Can I get more insights and read the corresponding posts?


Go from macro to micro

As you click into the map, you can have deeper insights on the emotional expressions used to qualify and talk about a specific topic/entity.

You can even select and view individual posts.

Content Landscape


A 30,000 ft. view of the opinions around your brand and industry

When you have to monitor the online reputation of your brand, Content Landscape helps reproduce the key moments of your brand reputation quickly and easily. This is especially handy when you have to last-minute insight requests from your boss!

With Content Landscape, you get a modeling of your brand presence that is otherwise difficult to capture. Importantly, it provides context to the opinions expressed about the key moments of your company: company acquisitions, crisis, the announcement of a new product, a new partnership, and more.

Content Landscape

At the beginning of a listening project, Content Landscape will give you insights that you would not have necessarily thought of before. It’s a way to understand trends that you see emerging naturally and to identify and connect themes that might have been previously overlooked.


A powerful exploratory tool to discover new insights about your brand

One of the most important benefits of Content Landscape is its ability to open new horizons, to give you new insights that you haven’t had access to before. It’s a powerful discovery tool when you start from other proxies than keywords.

Let me be clearer.

When you listen to your brand online, you have set up a bunch of keywords in your social listening tool - I mean Radarly - It allows you to follow your brand(s), your product(s), your competitors, your topics of interest …that’s a great beginning.

However, are you sure that you didn’t forget some important keywords or hashtags? Are the communities you want to follow using the same lingo as you? Are you sure to take the floor on subjects that are essential for your target audience?

With Content Landscape, you are able to analyze this starting from a community, from a place, or from a specific segment. With Content Landscape, you will gain access to new learnings.

For instance, pretend you want to explore a new community in an emerging market. You don’t know how they express their needs. You don’t know what values are the most important for them. You don’t even know which individuals or groups are the most influential to them.

The solution is Content Landscape within Radarly. Just go into Content Landscape, and you’ll see the overall discussions of this community and the opinions expressed at a glance. It’s really that simple.


Feel free to contact us if you have any social listening project or talk to your account manager if you want to learn more about Content Landscape. Happy discovery!

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