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Linkfluence and Orange’s Social Hub

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Linkfluence proudly presents its partnership with Orange, a company which offers pioneer digital solutions. All there is to know about it below:


Millions of comments and opinions are shared every day on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, blogs and online forums by constantly connected consumers. These conversations are a not only a reputation driver for brands, but influence buying decisions, at a brand, service and product level.

Whether people are seeking information, approaching a brand via social media for customer services issues or to comment on corporate topics, a real-time response is now expected. Digitally enlightened organisations now acknowledge the importance of communicating in the right way, on the right channel and at the same pace as their audience.

While social media is a way for consumers to keep themselves informed about day-to-day products and services, it is also a remarkable source of information, which can add value to brands. Comments on blogs, complaints on Facebook pages, recommendations on forums and items of interest shared on Twitter all enable organisations to better understand consumer perceptions and provide insights into how best to proactively handle comments and criticism.


But how is it possible to capture, classify and save millions of conversations that talk about global brands within the social environment? More importantly, how can brands transform this maelstrom of chaotic data into a coherent source of information, and ultimately an agent of change for the business?

Orange have partnered with Linkfluence to take up this challenge with the launch of a new Social Hub, led by Lionel Fumado, the company’s Head of social media. An 18-screen data room system monitored by a team of experts responsible for connecting Orange consumers to employees holding the right answers. The project is a tactical component of Orange’s strategic plan Essential2020 that seeks to enhance the customer experience.

After enabling Orange to assess and adapt its product management strategies, the partnership has delivered even greater benefits. Lionel Fumado explains:

“We use Radarly powered by Linkfluence, to monitor, filter, organise and analyse data from conversations online. For example, we are capable of determining Orange’s share of voice against other brands, comparing visibility rates from one event to another or make use of the qualitative reports provided for continuous improvement.”

Social hub’s real-time listening capabilities allows Orange to engage more directly with their customers and ensures that they play a key role in decision making across the business.

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