Linkfluence launches its own image recognition technology

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More than three billion images were shared each day in 2016 and this is just the beginning. Millennials are abandoning text and filling their feeds with rich, visual content.

The economic intelligence consultancy, Markets & Markets, estimates that the image recognition market will be worth more than 38 billion dollars by 2021.

Consequently, brands face no other option but to ensure they have the capacity to not just listen and analyse online conversations, but also to decode visual content.

Linkfluence has spent the last three years developing its own image recognition technology. The objective: to offer our client base the most efficient technology as part of their core service. We are happy to announce that it is now live within our social listening platform.

image recognition - Linkfluence

We combined the mathematical concepts that provide the foundation for deep learning, drawn up by the French researcher Yann LeCun, current Director of the Facebook Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, with our large open source laboratories, expertise in big data and excellence in real-time processing.”

Hugo Zangi, CTO of Linkfluence


We made it our mission to go beyond Twitter only image recognition.

Our technology works on all platforms, providing our clients with a wide data set and enabling them to understand their performance across the board.

Image Recognition Pie Chart

We launched a test project to identify all logos present in the images shared around Roland Garros. Instagram is the key platform delivering posts capturing logos, with a 75% share of voice, followed by Facebook and then Twitter.


Our technology facilitates the analysis of sponsor campaigns. It enables users to detect, measure, quantify and analyse logos across websites, blogs and social networks (even when fuzzy, partial, or in the background). This allows brands to understand the true ROI of their sponsorship investments.

Image Recognition - Linkfluence

This is only phase one.

Our algorithms already recognise certain objects. Within a few months, we aim to have the capabilities to analyse the context of an image accompanying a post. This will help brands understand their consumers on a deeper level... Beyond words, beyond singular subjects.

Brands and agencies will have the ability to understand and analyse the wider picture.

Image Recognition - Linkfluence

Together with the real-time web and social media analytics of Linkfluence, image recognition promises to take us to new heights of consumer insight.

To find out more, please get in touch!

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