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Linkfluence has been named in Gartner’s “Who’s Who” in the Social Analytics category. This brings international recognition for Radarly and its related services as well as it confirms our status as a reference in the Social Media Intelligence sector.

Every year, Gartner reviews Social Analytics operators from across the world. The firm helps brands identify the best solutions to meet their overall needs in terms of understanding  the social web. This year, Linkfluence is one of 17 companies that have been selected in this highly expected report, in which only 4 are European.

Our Social Analytics offering stands alongside those of the largest global software publishers. This acknowledgment is both important and logical. It is founded on the continuity of our support for major organisations. A few weeks ago, we announced our agreement with Danone to capture, monitor and analyse social web conversations for all of its brands. For several years now, McDonald’s, Sanofi and Orange have also entrusted us with supporting their digitalisation processes.

The usability of Radarly, our Social Media Intelligence solution, both differentiates it and guarantees its successful deployment within organisations. The ergonomics and flexibility of our technology are key factors in differentiating it in the Social Analytics market, as well as its ability to dynamically manage  very large volumes of data in order to identify and analyse real-time trends. These performance criteria are the result of the work of our 20 engineers who have made Radarly a unique and increasingly effective solution for monitoring and understanding the social web.

The Linkfluence offering is further distinguished by the relationship between Radarly’s technological strength and our related services. Our teams of Social Media Researchers work daily in over 18 languages.  They continue to develop the Linkfluence methodologies that allow our customers to extract the maximum value from social data. Our portfolio of images, trends research and ecosystem mapping amply fuel their marketing and communications strategies as well as their CRM and human resources.

Last July, Radarly had already been classified amongst the top three software applications for monitoring the social web by Goldbach Interactive’s Social Media Monitoring Tool Report 2014. It was also named the best Earned Media Analytics tool on the market. Radarly has reaffirmed its increasing international momentum with its selection as one of Gartner’s Social Analytics solutions. In a few weeks, the next step will be the opening of a new subsidiary in London. The goal: to be the European leader in Social Media Intelligence by the end of 2015!

Disclaimer: Gartner does not specifically endorse any of the products, services or companies listed in this publication and in no way recommends the exclusive use of solutions that are rated highest herein. Gartner publications represent the opinions of its research teams and cannot be construed as statements of fact. Gartner accepts no liability with respect to the quality of the products and services detailed in this report.

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