New and Improved AI Filters to Help You Get Targeted Results

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The return to school has begun, so we’re back to business with your latest round of Radarly product updates. Exciting new innovations are underway, but our team continues to evolve and improve existing products with additional AI-powered features, in response to your helpful feedback.

In this post, you’ll find three new AI-enriched Radarly filters, accompanied by a selection of use cases to help talk you through them. We also have a new access path to simplify your entry into the Linkfluence Academy. Ready? Let’s get started!

3 New AI filters to help you get the results you want...faster 

We know how difficult it is for you to filter through thousands of results. As a global brand, you have to sort through varieties of mentions, from consumers, brands, resellers, and more. Sometimes, it takes an insane amount of time. So we decided to make it easier for you to access the insights that really matter. 

Our new and improved filters can be found in the filters panel across Radarly. Let’s take a look at what they can do.

1. By type of author: separate brand posts from consumer posts 

Introducing ‘Type of author’, the first new addition to our Radarly filters. 

It allows you to isolate posts from individual authors. Group posts (i.e., brands, companies, organizations, ...) will be removed when you select the cross option. Our AI team added the filter so that you could gain a better understanding and break down of your consumer voice.


How should you use this filter?

Measuring marketing campaigns. The filter helps you tune into consumer responses during and after marketing campaigns. Zoom into real voices to get a more accurate analysis of your audience and trending topics analysis.  

Finding UGC content. With the filter on, you’ll only see posts from individual authors. It speeds up your search for great UGC (user-generated content) to use in your next campaigns. 

FYI: Filter by ‘Type of author’ is currently effective on all Radarly Instagram and Twitter data collected since June 6th.

2. By type of content: isolate Sales & Promotion posts 

We understand noise frequently appears in your dashboards, from irrelevant posts to spam and fake content, and especially within luxury, spirits, and fashion industries. That’s why our AI team developed the ‘Sales & Promotion’ filter, to help reduce the noise.

This filter isolates all posts related to sales and promotion for your analysis. You have the option to include or exclude them from your results.


How should you use this filter?

More accurate analysis. Sales and promotion posts clutter up your feed and mess up your analysis. This filter helps you distill your results, so you only focus on posts from consumers. You get an accurate reflection of the consumer voice and your brand performance.

Identify unauthorized resellers and counterfeits. Single out sales and promotion posts to get an overview of all existing resellers online. Reach out to or report unauthorized resellers to protect your brand.  

FYI: 'Sales & Promotion' can filter out resale posts on all Radarly English data collected since July 4th, and all Chinese data since September 11th.

3. By emotion recognition: sort visual content by happy or angry emotions 

Our third filter is an exciting addition to our image recognition filters. You can already filter images by gender, age, or density of people.  Now you can go one step further with the help of AI facial recognition to pinpoint happy or angry human facial expressions. You'll find these filters at the end of the ‘Image Recognition’ section.


How should you use this filter?

Post-campaign measurement. In the aftermath of an organized event or campaign, you can visualize the perception of an audience and their overall attitude from human images. This is especially useful when not all emotion is explicitly expressed in the text and hashtags associated with posts.


facial recognition happy filters-1

Content inspiration.
See what your happy customers look like, what they do, and their environment, as a way to inspire future content. Share and exploit your brand’s user-generated content to broaden your appeal.

And voila! We hope these filters improve your social monitoring processes with more in-depth accurate and efficient insights. Any feedback is always welcome, so don’t hesitate to reach out and share your thoughts with us! 

Check out our Helpdesk page for more information on the new features above, and all other Linkfluence suite explanations.

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