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Linkfluence steps up its partnership with Twitter to bring you even more insights

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Since 2006, Linkfluence has strived to help global brands turn social data into valuable insights. 

With 321 million monthly active users and hundreds of millions of Tweets sent every day, Twitter is one of the most-used social networks in the world. It represents a huge opportunity for global consumer brands to gain valuable insights especially for:

  • Real-time conversations: Twitter is the go-to platform for breaking news and real-time conversations by being open and public.


  • Trends: Twitter is an ideal platform to spot trending topics and allow marketers to learn what people are attracted to or what is important to share.
  • Brand experience feedback: many people use Twitter to call out brands when they want to share good or bad experiences with them, making it one of the best places for customers to directly interact with businesses.
  • Influencers: Identifying and building relationships with these influencers allows brands to reach new audiences.


For all these reasons, our customers have always been unanimous in seeing Twitter as an essential platform for social intelligence.

So today, we’re excited to share that we’ve strengthened our relationship with Twitter to provide you with the best possible coverage of Twitter by including new access to historical data, a representative sample of everything that is shared on Twitter.


How more Twitter Data allows us to improve our offer


This wider approach will allow us to significantly improve upon our offer as well as to bring new innovations to our platform and add more value to our customers. Let’s go deeper into the opportunities we see for your business:

Online reputation management

When brand reputation is a company’s main asset, real-time monitoring becomes crucial. This thriving collaboration allows us to offer more opportunities for companies that want to follow what is said about their brand in real time and be as reactive as possible, avoid mismanaging a communication crisis or seize opportunities to speak up.

Trend detection

Another great opportunity is in terms of trend detection. We’ll expand our capacities to explore and discover new trends we weren’t searching for. Going deeper into listening to Twitter conversations and detecting emerging trends will allow brands to know what ‘they don’t know they don’t know’ and help make the right business decisions.

Audience analysis

Understanding one’s audience is vital for any brand, whether it is for marketing or product development purposes. With a new, higher amount of tweets available in our platform, it will help us go deeper in analysing our customers’ audiences: who they are, what they need or expect, what drives them to make a decision, who they trust, their tensions and passion points, etc.

Influencer discovery

Lastly, this new enhanced volume of data will enable us to find increasingly more influencers for your campaigns while knowing your audience will help us select the most relevant ones.


Best possible coverage of all major public social networks 

Thanks to this new development of our data acquisition efforts, we’re delivering on our commitment to provide our customers with the best possible coverage of all major public social networks around the world:

In addition to many other content platforms, websites, forums, media sites, blogs, etc.

For more information about our social data, check out our latest ebook:

How to make the most of social data with Linkfluence

We are happy to be continuously working on expanding our social data coverage so that you can benefit from an extended offer and more valuable insights for your business. Feel free to contact us if you want to analyze those new opportunities.


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