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Product Management: Linkfluence & Orange

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Since 2011, Linkfluence allows Orange to track in real-time social conversations held by its customers. Adding up to 60 daily users, Marketing and Product Managers teams were well equipped with Radarly to easily take the information they need from social networks, blogs and forums in order to adjust their approach accordingly.  For each offer, a suitable social web monitoring approach is put in place that allows managers to make adjustments to suit client’s needs and expectations captured online.

 Social Media Intelligence solutions delivered by Linkfluence activate major groups’ digital reflexes.  The first step towards transformation is to understand new digital surroundings. But, as the collaboration with Orange reveals, the Social Media Intelligence is also a solution that leads to action.

In real-time, social web listening puts at the disposal of companies data sets capable of establishing  improved decision-making processes. It allows solving client related issues in a world where customer service excellence is a must. An outstanding progress!


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