Radarly integrates image recognition

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Visual content is crucial to how we share on the social web. Posts featuring images drive 80% more engagement than plain text or links. 1.8 billion photos are posted online every day.

This staggering volume of social media data is now available to brands via Radarly as we announce a major new feature for our clients: image recognition.


Linkfluence has partnered with Ditto Labs, the world leader in image recognition. This partnership means our clients can enjoy an unparalleled ability to monitor online images and their impact. Radarly users will be able to detect their brand's presence in an image posted on social media, without the need for any associated hashtags or comments.


Radarly's new feature will create various new opportunities for brands. They will be able to identify new influencers and ambassadors who don't specifically mention their brand but do promote it via images on social media. Brands will also be able to analyse daily usage of their products, as captured in photos, and the contexts with which they're associated. They will even have the option of including image-only posts in their assessments and performance reports.

For example, with Euro 2016 just a few weeks away, sponsors will be able to use Radarly to detect and analyse photos of supporters on social media that contain their logo.

This opens up new opportunities for marketing and communications teams, for whom social listening is already a key strategy. Image recognition in Radarly is a new technological advance that will strengthen brand monitoring, reputation management, social media performance analysis, and the extraction of consumer insights.

We have entered the age of 'data-centricity' - and with Radarly, that means visual content too!

Would you like to know more about image recognition and its specific uses for brands? Please get in touch.

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