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Radarly is named as top Earned Media Analytics tool

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Goldbach Interactive has awarded Radarly the prize for best Earned Media Analytics tool.

Particular attention was paid to Radarly’s ability to process large volumes of data as well as its ability to analyse content in over 50 languages.

Testers declared that "no previous tool has made filter analysis of material this easy."

This result also confirms our previous achievements: last year, Goldbach Interactive named Radarly the best Earned Media Analytics tool in the world.

Radarly was also included in Goldbach’s top 10 Social Media Monitoring solutions. We received excellent scores in Search Capabilities and User Experience. These results place us second in the worldwide rankings and confirm our position as a leading global service provider for advertisers and agencies alike.

The Goldbach Interactive ranking is a key source of information in our sector. It is the largest available market study with a record number of solutions tested, a rigorous methodology, long-term testing and in-depth interviews with participants around the world. The ranking is an essential guide for companies as they transition to the digital sphere and begin incorporating social networks in their strategies.

The award is a recognition of more than a decade's work of Linkfluence's technical teams and product development…

What is the result?

A unique solution that enables large volumes of data to be manipulated in real time, and most importantly, the extraction of real marketing meaning via our high-performing processing algorithms.

Our sole objective is to turn social media data into a tool for action and brand performance.

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