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Simplified Radarly UX to Help You Focus on What Matters

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At Linkfluence, we understand the power and complexity of the Radarly tool. After listening to your user feedback, we realized it was time to modify some areas of the platform. Today, we’re pleased to announce some upcoming changes that will help improve your user experience!

In this quick blog, we’ll guide you through the exciting new changes and modifications taking place in the first phase of a global UX (user experience) improvement project.

It's official! You can expect the new Radarly user interface from Monday, 8th July. We decided to share the good news in advance to help you prepare.

Radarly UX improvement - What’s new?

In the first phase of this UX improvement, you’ll see the following changes:

  • A new home page and page organization
  • Simplified navigation and page reductions
  • New and improved naming

Let’s take you through the changes.

New Homepage

With the new design, you’ll land directly on the “Homepage” of your dashboard. This means no more fussing around projects and dashboards every time you log in. You’ll also find a new drop-down panel, allowing you to switch between dashboards with ease.

Radarly UX redesign new homepage

Radarly UX redesign: new homepage

Simplified navigation

We simplified navigation between all your projects and associated dashboards, by adding a snazzy drop-down panel in the header navigation bar. Now you can switch smoothly between projects and dashboards or query search.

Radarly UX redesign new drop-down panel to switch between projects and dashboards
Radarly UX redesign: new drop-down panel to switch between projects and dashboards

We also enhanced the old left panel menu by replacing it with a more standard and accessible drop-down version the header of Radarly.

Radarly UX redesign new drop-down menu

Radarly UX redesign: new drop-down menu

The Posts page has been removed

You’ll find that we removed the “Posts” page and replaced it with “Post and Analytics” for a more consolidated efficient feel.

By default, only the main pages are displayed on the homepage

To enhance the visual experience and decrease clutter, just 3 main pages of the “Listening” section will be seen on the homepage: "Overview", "Posts & Analytics" and "Influencers". To reveal the other "Listening" pages simply click on the "Advanced" button.

Radarly UX redesign de-cluttered default display on the homepage
Radarly UX redesign: de-cluttered default display on the homepage

New and improved naming

As we’re retiring the “Posts” page, we’ve decided to rename our "Analytics Details" page to "Posts & Analytics”. This page now also includes the Pivot table view.

Radarly UX main view drop down menu including pivot table-1

Radarly UX redesign: new “Posts & Analytics” page with pivot table view added

Stay tuned for an easy, breezy, Radarly 

To prepare you for the impending changes, you’ll receive a direct banner alert inside Radarly a few days before the update. In the meantime, refer to the helpdesk page for clear instructions and diagrams of the new Radarly design.

If you have any more questions, contact the Linkfluence help team at help@linkfluence.com and they’ll be happy to assist you.

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