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Social Intelligence Roundup

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Welcome to the first of our new regular blog updates bringing you the most recent stories about social data and consumer insights from around the web!

Facebook’s New “Widely Viewed Content” Report

Facebook has announced a new quarterly report in which it will highlight the content which most often appears in people’s timelines. Facebook clearly has a huge role in shaping public opinion about a wide range of topics from brands, politics, social issues and more, so it’s useful for us to understand the content that’s most widely visible on the platform.

The report focuses only on Facebook’s US audience, and only includes organic content in the timeline, not adverts or any content outside of users’ timelines. There are some interesting findings in the report, such as the prevalence of Unicef content (mostly relating to Covid information), and it’s well worth digging into.

Read more at Facebook.  

15 Years of Google Trends

Google has shared some interesting highlights from 15 years of its Trends tool which provides insights into how people all over the world use the all-conquering search engine.

It’s just a little infographic, but it’s fun to see how the top searches from this year compare with 2006, the year Trends launched. See if you can guess what the most searched for TV show of 2006 was!          

Read more at Google.     

The Top #Tokyo2020 Olympic Tweets

Despite struggles with Covid, Japan hosted the postponed 2020 Olympics this month and Twitter has put together a blog highlighting the most discussed topics around this year’s games. The post includes which events and athletes got the most mentions, as well the specific tweets about the Olympics generated the highest engagement.

 Read more at Twitter. 

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