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The 14 Best Social Listening Tools & Trackers 2022

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If you’re not using social listening tools, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to understand what your customers are thinking and feeling. Social listening tools are like mind readers for your business. They help you understand what people are saying about your brand, product, or service online when you’re not part of the conversation.

Social listening tools can also help you identify potential issues before they become full-blown problems. By understanding what people are saying about you online, you can nip any negative sentiment in the bud and keep your reputation intact.

If you’re not using social listening tools yet, now is the time to start. These powerful tools will give you insights into your customers’ minds that you never thought possible. Here are our top picks for social listening tools and trackers for 2022.

Table of Contents:

  • What Are Social Listening Tools?
  • Why Use Social Media Monitoring Tools?
  • 14 Best Social Listening Tools for 2022
  • Get the Full Monitoring Package with Linkfluence

Social Listening Tools

What Are Social Listening Tools?

Social listening tools are software that allows businesses to track and monitor online conversations. This includes mentions of their brand, competitors, and industry on social media and other websites.

Most listening tools will allow you to track keywords, measure sentiment, and generate reports. This data can be incredibly valuable for businesses as it provides insights into what people are saying about them online.

Why Use Social Media Monitoring Tools?

Brands use social media monitoring tools for a variety of reasons and benefits.

First, social media monitoring tools can help you track and measure your brand’s online presence, even on channels where you don’t have an active presence. This is a great way to learn more about your ideal customers, their interests, and their sentiments about your brand or your competitors.

Monitoring tools also help you monitor competitor activity on social media channels. Discover more about their marketing strategies, their audiences, and other details that can help you hone your own approach.

Most importantly, social media tracking allows you to manage your online reputation. Social media monitoring tools can help you identify and track online conversations about your brand, both good and bad. Improve your customer service and day-to-day decision-making with reliable media monitoring.

No matter which type of social media monitoring tool you choose, it’s important to stay up-to-date on what people are saying about you online. This allows you to quickly address any negative comments or posts before they have a chance to damage your brand.

14 Best Social Media Listening Tools for 2022

Technology companies recognize the value of monitoring social media for brands. That’s why there are a number of great solutions out there to help you keep tabs on your social presence. Here are 14 of the best social listening tools and trackers to lean on for brand management:


Linkfluence Social Listening-2

Most notably a sentiment analysis platform, Linkfluence is an enterprise-level, AI-powered superhero to help you learn how your customers feel when talking about your brand on social networks. 

The platform delivers real-time insights into what people are saying about you or your tracked brands and keywords. It uses natural language processing (NPL) to glean what those words really mean. 

What makes Linkfluence more powerful than other social media tracker tools is its built-in, real-time analytics. Rather than just collecting data, Linkfluence takes the next step in transcribing the data so you’ll know what all those numbers mean. It’s a great way to get actionable insights in a low-lift manner.

Linkfluence archives data for as long as 15 months, allowing the historical data you collect to become even more valuable. Spot trends and patterns over time to see how you’re moving the needle on reputation management.


As an AI-driven, all-in-one data platform, Meltwater provides the most comprehensive scope of your brand’s online presence. The platform tracks social media mentions across more channels than any other tool, including Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and up-and-coming Chinese social media networks. It also monitors other media formats, such as podcasts, blogs, and news sites. 

With billions of conversations happening online every day, Meltwater helps you track the ones most relevant to your brand. With no keyword limits, you can monitor as many words, hashtags, and brands as you like. 

Bonus for PR and marketing agencies: you can white-label your Meltwater reports for your clients!


Brand 24-1

Brand24 is an online reputation management platform that tracks brand mentions across multiple sources, including social channels, blogs, and websites. Get notifications delivered automatically so you can stay on top of potential crises or negative comments.

One of Brand24's best features is the ability to join conversations, no matter where they’re happening. You can respond to comments and reviews and engage customers to grow your brand’s reputation in a timely manner. Get a 14-day free trial to see how it works.

NetBase Quid

For reputation management, NetBased Quid does a little bit of everything – competitive analysis, trend monitoring, keyword tracking, and overall brand health and perceptions, among other things. 

You’ll gain a better view of your brand through the eyes of consumers. See your share of voice and why consumers feel the way they do about you. Then, apply those insights to build a more robust presence and social strategy.



The internet community is already talking about your business, for better or worse. Awario helps you find those conversations so you can be a part of them.

Track your brand’s presence across a variety of channels, including Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and blogs and forums. The platform gives you a direct connection to mentions so you can respond in real time and track your reputation’s growth.



One of the benefits of a social media tracker is the ability to create more valuable content based on what your customers say they want. Brandwatch helps you do exactly this with its suite of reputation management, market research, and competitor analysis tools. 

Brandwatch is built for large companies, but it also offers a small business plan for smaller budgets. Users can try it for free before committing to a paid plan.



Maybe you don’t need the overkill that an all-in-one platform brings. Maybe you’d rather stick to a simpler free tool, one that tracks keywords and mentions so you can respond accordingly. That’s where BuzzSumo shines brightest.

This trend-monitoring platform can alert you to what’s happening online with your own brand or a competitor. See what products, events, or interests people are talking about so you can create authentic conversations around them.

As an added bonus, you can also find and connect with influencers via BuzzSumo data. Track and monitor the influencer that resonates with your audience or ones you’ve partnered with. Influencers are humans, after all, and may say or do things that will have a negative impact on your brand. 

Zoho Social

Zoho Social

Most notably a CRM software, Zoho Social helps you manage your brand on all your social media platforms. It’s full-service social media management, from scheduling posts to monitoring for mentions and keywords. 

You can respond to brand-related comments and reviews in real time via the platform, eliminating the need for other tools. Analyze your audience using pre-built reports or customize your own reports for insights that matter most.


This consumer intelligence platform uses AI to form real-time customer profiles based on behaviors and other signals. It covers more than 180 languages, making it a great pick for global brands. 

Talkwalker offers customized pricing plans for businesses based on company size and the features you need.



Hootsuite isn’t just for social scheduling. It’s also a great social media search tool that will help you keep tabs on trends and activities. 

The centralized inbox is a big time-saver. You can respond to user DMs, comments, and reviews from a single place, no matter where the conversations happen.


Digimind social listening helps you analyze your audience’s behaviors to learn more about what they like, need, and want. You can use this data to create better buyer personas and hone the customer experiences you deliver. 

The platform also gives you a bird’s eye view of when and where conversations happen. Timing is always of the essence, giving you a clear path to share your content or responses with your audience.



This purpose-built, data-driven social media monitoring solution caters to three main categories: mentions, influencers, and reputation. Track mentions of your own brand as well as those of competitors or your industry at large. Find influencers to help you grow your brand and track them to ensure each influencer presents your brand in the best light.

Both of these can influence your online reputation. You’ll be in a better position to respond to shifts in consumer sentiment, even if those shifts aren’t a result of your own actions.



Social listening isn’t the core focus here. But Oktopost serves as a social media hub for your entire strategy, from posting to analysis. Analyze the impact of the content you post, including engagement, customer acquisition, and other audience insights. As with other platforms, you can also connect all of your social media messages into a unified inbox.

As an added bonus, Oktopost also integrates with other technology platforms, including BI and CRM.



Organization is at the heart of Agorapulse, which provides listening tools, social media inboxes, and so much more. This monitoring tool shows you what you want to see and nothing you don’t. Gain more control over what you track and measure and tune out the distractions. You can create labels for content to make it easier to find and report on. 

Agorapulse also features a mobile app so you can take your social monitoring on the go. Take advantage of a full 30-day free trial to learn how it works.

Get the Full Monitoring Package with Linkfluence

Social media monitoring delivers tons of valuable insights and endless use cases. But tapping into its potential requires high-quality, accurate data. 

Ready to turn your social media search and rescue efforts into a done-for-you process? No other platform delivers the analytics, tracking, and insights of Linkfluence. 

Serving as your social media hub, Linkfluence monitors your presence across online and offline channels, capturing more data to build a stronger strategy. Use this social data for your marketing campaigns, new product developments, and even talent acquisition. Spot and respond to crises before they blow up. Find quality influencers to help you grow your brand, and dissolve influencer partnerships that may cause brand erosion. Use sentiment analysis to learn more about your customers every step of the way.

When it comes to your reputation, nothing should be left to chance. Schedule a demo to see Linkfluence in action!

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