What is social media intelligence and how can I use it?

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Social media intelligence to drive smart marketing decisions

The internet is full of diverse, unprompted and largely under-exploited conversations. Social and digital media were mostly perceived as a channel for marketing or CRM. That was until brands realised online conversations could open new horizons through insight generation. Monitoring and measuring is not a question anymore. The new challenge is to structure, digest and analyse what is being said across the web to drive better marketing decisions. This is where social media intelligence comes into play.

What is social media intelligence?

It is the result of applying the right mix of technology, expertise, methodology and process to derive focused, and business relevant insight from digital and social media data.

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To demonstrate the importance of social media intelligence, Social Media Examiner conducted a survey that discussed the topic of social media listening.  It established that 83% of B2B brands are using social listening to improve their brand’s exposure, 69% to boost website traffic and 65% to provide better insights about their target markets.

In today’s digital world, the social media intelligence workflow starts with listening - identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, product, brand. More advanced programmes will monitor topics or audiences across geographies, languages and platforms.

What are the possibilities of turning listening into intelligence?

The major appeal is that social media monitoring tools enable brands to listen to consumers in real-time.  Beyond informing strategic decisions, it is responsive enough to have tactical value and to enable a fast-moving organisation to change tactics in direct response to consumer reaction.

Why does it matter – challenges and opportunities

 Typically, when organisations approach us they do so with a view to solving a variety of challenges. They strive to use social data to aid business and marketing planning, to assess their brand footprint within a competitive landscape, to understand product perception and to measure the success of their initiatives.

Innovation is key. Social media listening and intelligence is one of the key routes to identifying gaps in the market. It helps organisations to understand the unmet needs of their audiences that can be used to develop fresh ideas, products and expand into new markets. Our technology enables brands to respond early to emerging trends and to better understand consumer behaviours and expectations.


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Putting customers at the heart of data driven decision making

 Modern businesses rely on data driven decision making.  With the right mix of technology, expertise and methodology, Linkfluence is helping businesses bring social media intelligence into strategic processes. By doing so we are proud to be helping brands put the consumer at the heart of their decision making. We believe social media intelligence boasts powerful applications to help propel businesses forward.

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