Linkfluence & Spredfast: A Strategic Tech Partnership

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Linkfluence is pleased to announce a new partnership with Spredfast! Social data captured, indexed, analysed and enriched in real-time, by Radarly, will now be accessible to Spredfast users .


Social media plays host to a cacophony of conversation every day.

Our Radarly technology enables brands to sieve through the noise and draw insights that are relevant to their customers and their brand. Due to an increasingly competitive landscape, it is more important than ever for brands to speak with an authentic voice about ideas that matter to consumers.

Our new partnership offers clients just this -  the ability to listen, learn and react, and ultimately connect with consumers on a level beyond that of competitors.

Partnership: social media listening and social media management We're dedicated to bringing together technologies that help our customers solves their own unique challenges. This latest partnership furthers our ability to connect our customers with the people they care about.

Rod Favaron, CEO of Spredfast


By directly activating Radarly from their Spredfast account, users can benefit from sophisticated social data intelligence tools combined with the advanced engagement and social media management functions offered by Spredfast.

Partnership: social media listening and social media management Linkfluence and Spredfast share strong technological standards and performance, a deep sense of customer service and a DNA where innovation is omnipresent.

Hervé Simonin, CEO of Linkfluence

 Users will find all the latest innovations from Linkfluence within the Spredfast platform: from listening and analysis to influencer profiling. Multiple streams can be created to ensure social data is present and available to feed your community management strategy.

This is a new opportunity for users, increasing productivity and performance within a single platform.


Disclaimer: no technical support needed!

Partnership: social media listening and social media management There are many good media intelligence platforms in the marketplace. However, Radarly distinguishes itself with continual product development.

Noah Miller, MD of Sochin Agency

With Radarly recognised as one of the most rapidly evolving tools on the market, Linkfluence understands that product development and new integrations are key to meeting clients' needs.

To make things even better, our recent integration with Spredfast requires no technical support! Users can connect their Radarly account with Spredfast right away. A simple time-saving solution that removes the need to go back and forth between platforms.


We are delighted to start the year off with this exciting new partnership! Should you wish to find out more about the Spredfast integration or about Linkfluence’s social data capabilities then please get in touch.


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