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Sugar Tax: what has riled the social media community?

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The Budget 2016 unveiled a new tax on sugary drinks, takings from this will be used as sports funding for schools...

What did social media users have to say about the sugar tax?

sugar tax: social media monitoring

The top 10 discussed drinks were:

1) Coca-Cola

2) Pepsi

3) Irn Bru

4) Red Bull

5) Dr Pepper

6) Sprite

7) Fanta

8) Vimto

9) Capri Sun

10) Lucozade Energy

George Osborne was the most mentioned person within sugar tax discussion, however Jamie Oliver came a close second. He revealed his influence on the matter, and tweeted the recommendations he sent to David Cameron...

In reaction to the sugar tax, an anti sugar tax Twitter page was created, @AgainstSugarTax. This page has been the most engaged in sugar tax conversation, posting 230 times in the week following the announcement.

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