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The avocado’s fame explained by consumption trends

Have you ever been presented your breakfast on a shovel? Or your £9 coffee in a jam jar? And what’s the deal with rectangular, smooth-edged, wooden plates?

We can all agree that the world of the future’s dining serving preferences for sit-down food will not be dominated by old garden shovels. But what about the avocado? Is it going to be short-lived fad? Or besides its social function as a highly photogenic, Instagramable, food, are there other justifications in its modern fame? And is it here to stay?

In this post, we’ll explore the social data behind long-term consumption trends that lead to the rise of the avocado.

The Avocado - a food for all tastes

Breaking down the below word-cloud, the most popular hashtags in relation to the avocado can be broken down into 4 distinct categories. Functional benefits (sickness prevention, weight loss), consumption moments (breakfast, brunch, lunch), emotional benefits (taste and texture, Instagramable) and social communities (vegan, fitness).

The health factor

When it comes to the breakdown of the conversation surrounding the avocado, emotional and functional benefits dominate the conversation. Consumers also focus on short-term benefits of the fruit, for example, focussing more on the immediate health benefits of the fats and proteins for workouts and physical appearance, as opposed to cancer prevention and heart health.

From the outset we can start off by establishing that the number one driver in the avocado’s rise is health awareness. Concepts such as ‘good fats’ and calorie counting have become more the norm than in previous decades. The increase in conversation around such topics is also backed up by the data. The maturation of the consumer and demand for transparency as to what exactly we’re putting in our mouths means that foods containing ‘healthy fats’ (monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats) such as nuts, avocados and olive oil, have benefited from this move to a more consumer-centric market.

Photogenic '#FoodPorn'

In the food world, the avocado is the Heidi Klum of healthy eating. Aesthetically bright green, with a soft malleable texture, the avocado lends itself well to visual adaptability whilst its vibrant colour brings life to any photo. It can be used with both savoury and sweet, which can’t be said for too many superfoods.

Creativity, combined with its visual appeal, means there is an ongoing competition to exhibit the avocado in the most visually appealing form possible on social. This constant parade of originality only further serves to drive the popularity of the avocado across the web.

Consumption moments and brands

The flexibility of the avocado has meant that it’s never been aligned to one specific area of consumption, for example, steak would generally only be aligned to dinner. Although the avocado has particularly aligned itself well with brunch/breakfast, almost becoming the flagship ingredient of these particular consumption moments.

To increase engagement with their consumers, brands have leveraged these consumption moments alongside the avocado’s flexibility to create posts that appease a huge audience.

One of us! - The avocado community

The avocado has undoubtedly become associated with certain communities that accelerated its rise and reinforced the associations we have with it today. The two communities that were pivotal in the rise of the avocado were vegan/vegetarians and the fitness community. Although they both focus on different benefits (natural food vs nutrition), they’ve both equally fuelled its modern day prominence and are a testament to its diversity.

The avocado’s seemingly endless rise might not look like showing any signs of stopping, but in part 3 we take a look at the production and environmental factors that could see this rising star fall back to earth.

Part 3 - The avocado: A falling star?

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