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The Most Loved Football Teams in Europe, According to Science!

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Football is an emotional topic, people get passionate about their favourite teams. But is it possible to discover which team is the most loved? How would you even figure that out? 

Fortunately for us, football fans love to talk about their teams on social media. A lot. And that gives us a huge volume of social data to analyze around the topic of football. 

So just for fun we used our social media insights platform to analyze conversations about all the European Champions League teams, and rank them in order of how much positive sentiment they got. 

A few points to cover before we look at the list: 

  • We analyzed social media conversations taking place in the first quarter of 2022
  • We looked at a total of over 30 million mentions of the various teams in the Champions League for this analysis
  • We analyzed all of the social posts about each team and calculated what percentage of those posts were positive in sentiment 
% of Positive Sentiment
Liverpool FC 31.3%
Chelsea 29.1%
LOSC Lille 23.6%
FC Porto 19.8%
Benfica 19.3%
FC Barcelona 18.7%
Sevilla FC 18.5%
Real Madrid 16.9%
Paris Saint-Germain 16.4%
Besiktas 15.9%
Juventus Turin 15.4%
Sporting Club Portugal 15.1%
Ajax Amsterdam 13.4%
Manchester City 11.8%
AC Milan 11.7%
Atletico Madrid 11.3%
Atalanta BC 11.0%
Club Brugge 10.7%
Young Boys 10.6%
Bayern Munich 10.6%

We only included the top 20 teams here because after that, well, it just felt a little cruel to focus on the teams with lower positive scores.

It's important to remember that this score is calculated as a percentage of total mentions for each team, so just because a team got the highest percentage of positive sentiment, that doesn't necessarily mean they got talked about the most. 

If you're interested in knowing which teams got the highest volume of mentions in total, this share of voice chart shows that. 

Another important point to mention is that just because a team got a lot of positive mentions, that doesn't exclude it from negative sentiment. A team with a high percentage of positive mentions might also have a lot of negative mentions. In fact, when we explore the list of teams with the highest percentages of negative sentiment, many of them are the same ones that are represented on this list - but we'll save that post for another day! 


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