Access Full Social Coverage of Russia’s Largest Social Platform Vkontakte

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It’s been a busy 12 months at Linkfluence. Our recent data acquisition efforts have allowed us to further secure the Instagram API, to ensure even better coverage of the platform, as well as improved and increased Twitter insights.

Following our continual commitment to provide you with the best possible coverage of all major public social networks around the world, we’re pleased to announce increased coverage of eastern Europe, using VKontakte.

As of now, you can access full exhaustive social data coverage of VKontakte.

Exhaustive social coverage of VKontakte

After listening to your feedback, we worked hard to improve our current VK integration. Previously, you were able to access a sample of the content on Vkontakte through a public API. 

Today, we’re pleased to announce new contractual rights that allow Linkfluence access to all the public data available on the platform. Brands can experience a wider scope in their listening that includes real-time content and conversations across the platform. You will also have access to 12 months of historical data in this lucrative region.

But before we jump into how this integration can impact your brand, let’s take a quick recap.

What is VK?

Perhaps one of the lesser-known platforms across the world, Vkontakte is a social network and industry giant, better known as the Russian Facebook. 

Vkontakte or Вконтакте literally translates to, ‘to be in touch’ and is used by 83 percent of the country’s 70 million active social media users. It ranks in second place after YouTube as Russia’s most used social platform and is the largest social network in Europe with over 100 million active users. 

Source: Vkontakte

It can credit its success to Millennials under the age of 34, who make up a whopping 77.5 percent of total users. But also a steady growth of international users, who worldwide contribute to VKs 500 million accounts since August 2018. At this current moment, VK ranks as the 13th most popular website in the world by traffic. But what makes Vkontakte so popular, and how does it rival industry giants like Facebook?

VK vs. Facebook 

Visually, VK took on a similar format and appearance to Facebook, but there are numerous differences in the specifications and features on offer. 

In terms of basic profile information, it’s actually not so basic. The platform uses a comprehensive range of filters to help users find exactly who and what they’re searching for.  

Users are encouraged to fill fields including religion, political views and military service, right down to their views on smoking and alcohol. Users can also choose to display their priorities such as: beauty & art, science & research, and improving the world. 

Source: Vkontakte

As it’s a Russian company, appealing to a majority Russian audience, VK adheres to Russian laws surrounding copyright. This allows the site to provide a unique array of media including free music, television series, and film streaming.

Simply put, the information available on VK, combined with social media listening, can provide bountiful and indispensable intelligence for global companies.

Why VK is important for global brands 

Plenty of global brands are already harnessing the value of VK including Coca Cola, Nike, Zara, and L’Oreal. Any brand looking to branch out into the eastern European market should use the platform to understand not only Russian consumers, but surrounding countries including Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Moldova. 

VK-integration-audienceSource: Age distribution of social network users in Russia in 2018*, Statista. 

Vkontakte is Russia’s number one choice of social platform. Combined with the fact that over 70 percent of users fall into the categories of Millennial and Gen Z, its an excellent way to understand the preferences of consumers today. 

How can brands leverage it?

The network creates an unprecedented amount of in-depth user information in comparison to the likes of Facebook. It also allows brands to zoom in on highly targeted communities. You can leverage these communities through ads, pinpointing the most appropriate tribes for your products, campaigns and content marketing. 

The country is home to the largest online audience in Europe, creating huge opportunities for e-commerce. Morgan Stanley suggested the Russian market is set to experience a “radical change” in terms of maturity in their internet users, which will drive a rise in numbers of online transactions. Physical goods are expected to grow to $31 billion by 2020 and estimated to reach $52 billion by 2023.

There’s enormous potential for global brands to learn about one of the world’s largest emerging markets. And no better time to understand this unique group of consumer behaviors given the current climate for potential growth and international expansion. 

Premium social data coverage packs


We recently reviewed our social data offering, and are pleased to announce two additional regional data packs that can be added to your standard Worldwide Coverage (refer to the map above).

For extensive regional coverage, you can now select from the following:

  • APAC Social Network Pack
  • Russian Social Network Pack

Simply contact your account manager or sales representative to learn more!

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