Brand Equity Tracking With Social Media Data

Great global brands are able to differentiate themselves from key competitors. To be successful, you need to measure your brand equity for specific values across different markets.

Understand the drivers your brand - and your competitors - are known for, and craft your messaging to reflect this.

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Measure brand equity in real time

Measure brand equity with social data

Identify or confirm your top market drivers to learn how your brand is perceived in key markets. Compare with competitors to ensure that you're best in class.

Track buyer demographics online and see how your brand is associated with certain topics and values.

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Measure brand growth and share of voice

Measure brand growth and share of voice

Follow your brand's evolution on a regular basis, as compared with industry leaders. Do this for specific countries and languages, and see your brand equity for trending topics.

Do your core values reflect consumer choices? Find out easily.

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Track brand perception in real time

Track brand perception in real time

Don't rely only on focus groups and surveys. Social media and web data tell you what consumers think in real time, the moment conversations take place. 

Measure brand perception as it changes, not once it's too late.

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