Infuse Every Stage of the Brand Lifecycle with Consumer Intelligence

Consumers have changed. Consumer intelligence must change too. Linkfluence empowers you at every point of the brand lifecycle so you can succeed with a more agile, data-driven, customer-centric culture.


Reliable intelligence is the foundation of successful brand strategy. Linkfluence gives you a dynamic, overarching view of your playing field that is fully compatible with traditional market research methodologies. By giving you a faster, deeper and more consistent understanding of consumers needs, what’s shaping the market, and of competitors’ moves, Linkfluence helps you create, refine and optimize your market approach.


  • Benchmark your competitors
  • Identify and track tribes and mindsets
  • Define your market positioning effectively


Omni-channel marketing has come to define customer-centricity for modern brands. It is a given that successful brands rely on highly-evolved technology and talent to execute. However, inspiration and feedback require an equally strong data-driven approach.

Linkfluence ensures that you can tap into the right networks of influencers so your brand image and messaging are relayed effectively. Track your tribes as they shift, grow, merge, and diverge. Stay attuned to the voice of the customer so you can learn from feedback and better engage with individual customers.


  • Identify and engage influencers
  • Define your messaging with authenticity
  • Analyze voice-of-customer and the consumer experience
  • Improve your online presence and marketing in the field


Brand protection is about preparation, and taking swift action when required. Linkfluence helps you do both. Our platform enables PR and corporate affairs teams to monitor all conversations related to your brands, your industry and influencers.

Track sensitive topics over time along with related mentions of the brand. Much more than social listening; AI-enabled consumer intelligence enables you to perform deeper-dive analysis to measure your brand reputation in terms of brand pillars, relative to each consumer tribe.


  • Identify crises early
  • Measure brand damage and brand recovery


The key to cross-channel performance is the ability to adopt a test-and-learn approach. In other words, you need to measure your performance objectively and adapt your strategy in response to the KPIs. Linkfluence enables you to measure reach and engagement across both owned and earned media so you can optimize your results and better plan for future projects.

Analyze qualitative and quantitative customer feedback using robust, proven methodologies. Ensure that you achieve your strategic brand goals, and enhance brand equity thanks to the ability to explore your data by awareness and perception drivers – something that is not possible with basic social listening.


  • Monitor cross-channel campaign performance in real time
  • Analyze consumer experience across ratings and reviews sites globally
  • Track impact of campaigns against brand equity and strategic goals


In a world of fierce competition and frequent disruption, you must bring new products to market faster and with more relevance. Identify weak signals and act on emerging trends ahead of the competition.

Understand what is driving your market and innovate more effectively. Linkfluence enables you to use the power of AI within a proven methodological framework so you obtain a clearer picture of what your immediate future holds.


  • Analyze the consumer experience at every touchpoint
  • Identify emerging consumer trends

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