Detect and Analyze Emerging Consumer Trends

With the rise of social media, people are sharing more of their daily lives. This helps brands understand buyers' choices and identify trends early.

Uncover consumer trends before they emerge, and better understand markets and industries with trend analysis.

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Build products to suit future trends

Build products to suit future trends

Analyze trends with clear potential and innovate to remain one step ahead of the competition. Social and web data show you what's trending in your target market, so you can act accordingly.

Real-time consumer data ensures you're always the first to discover a change.

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cross market explorations

Detect social trends among key tribes

See what excites your key demographic groups online. Social listening lets you hone in on specific personas to understand what they talk about and what they want to buy. 

A new trend only matters if it affects your target buyers. We'll help you find out.

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Explore trends about new markets

Understanding local market dynamics and trends is vital when entering a new market. Social data helps you understand varied consumer expectations within different cultural contexts. 

We help you make data-backed decisions to make sure your products and marketing campaigns hit the mark.

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