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Our dedicated dashboard and contextualised analysis provide access to intelligence on attitudes and behaviours real time

We have sourced and structured social and digital data relating to Coronavirus. 

Webinar: Confinement unleashing creativity

Led by our category experts, this webinar explores how consumers use creativity to survive the lockdown. In this episode, we focus on three categories: Food & Beverage, Beauty and Fashion.

Watch it now if you want to know:

What consumers do to avoid food waste during confinement

Why beauty remain top priority for many

What does a popular skincare brand and a smoothie have in common

What fashion choices do consumer embrace today

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Advanced dashboard and structured data

A dedicated Covid19 dashboard, tracking mentions of the virus around the world. Choose between a full featured project with structured topics and advanced audience analysis and a free version with selected category analysis

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Insights Hub

Analysis of online conversations relating to Coronavirus and its impact on brand performance. Understand the latest industry trends, changes in consumer behaviour and brand activations.

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Strategic Recommendations

Bespoke reports, produced by our team of researchers and industry experts. An in-depth analysis of how your brand have been affected by the virus, enriched by recommendations of what to do next.

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Guillaume Decugis

CEO, Linkfluence

Company update

We’ve now entered a troubled period as a result of the rapid expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic. As we all adjust to this new and difficult situation, our priority is to protect the health of all our employees and contractors. I hope that the impact for you will remain minimal - both personally and professionally. In that context, I wanted to share the actions we’ve taken so far, and to confirm that Linkfluence will continue to operate all of its services and support you without interruption. 

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