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From fueling product innovation to measuring marketing performance, learn why leading brands rely on Linkfluence to build the voice of the consumer into every business decision.

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Florence Rainsard
Global Consumer Insights Director

Pernod Ricard and Linkfluence Disrupt Research Through AI-enabled Consumer Insights

“When we started our partnership with Linkfluence, our key goal was to ensure social data and consumer insights would drive every business decision we make. This could only be possible with powerful technology and an innovative approach to research. Linkfluence was one of the key enablers that helped us become a truly consumer-centric organization.”

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Marion Gasnier
Social Media Analysts Team Manager

How Air France Uses Social Listening to Provide World-Class Experiences

For global companies, customer expectations have never been higher. Clients want fast response times and fantastic service worldwide. 

As one of the world’s most celebrated airlines, Air France needs to connect with customers, share information quickly and accurately, and solve problems on a wide scale - no matter where in the world their customers happen to be.

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Christian Veysseyre
Director of Social Media Intelligence and Evaluation

How Danone Stays Ahead of Consumer Trends with Social Intelligence

The global food industry giant uses Linkfluence to learn more about buyers, explore new ideas for innovation, and monitor its own social media performance. 

“It really allows us to gather a large amount of diverse views, but also at specific moments when they’re most valuable to us. And we can see in real time when brand sentiment starts changing.”

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Gildas Launay
Director of Everyday Content
(a Publicis company)

How Publicis Provides World-Class Marketing Strategy With Linkfluence

This international marketing and advertising agency use social media data to provide the highest-quality campaigns for clients.

“With Linkfluence, we’re leading a huge transformation in agencies. Social listening helps us stay one step ahead in the industry and win clients with creative, data-backed campaigns.”

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Nicolas Fleisch
Media and Advertising Officer

How Hyundai Drives Valuable Marketing Insights with Social Listening

Hyundai France has big plans to increase its market share of the electric car sector; including all models, from standard electric right through to hybrid and hydrogen models.

“We didn’t have any idea who was talking on social media about hybrid cars or electric cars,” says Nicolas Fleisch. “We needed an expert point of view to know who was talking about this, and how they were talking about that subject.”

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