Surface Consumer Insights from Global Conversations

Shift from social listening to true consumer intelligence. We apply data science with market knowledge and technical expertise so you can uncover actionable insight from hundreds of millions of real-time conversations across the globe.

Insight by design

At the heart of the Linkfluence platform is its ability to take raw social data at massive scale and structure it under the control of experts so it can be enriched, queried, visualized and explored.


  • Advanced architecture specifically designed to process and analyze billions of conversations and images in real time
  • Machine learning models, natural language processing, and computer vision
  • Unmatched data cleansing and querying methods that consistently identify patterns while eliminating irrelevant and inauthentic content

Under expert control at all times

In the world of market and consumer intelligence, technology is only as valuable as the human and expert control that is applied to it. At Linkfluence, we ensure that your social data is structured and dependable in evolving market conditions and is always aligned with your business needs.


  • Translate specific mindsets and brand territories into social proxies
  • Perform complex Boolean queries (mixing search queries, focus queries and triggers) and topic modeling with none of the difficulty
  • Domain, linguistic and cultural expertise spanning 20 market regions
  • Deep expertise in the FMCG, Wine & Spirits, Healthcare, Perfume, Energy, Banking, and Automotive verticals

From raw social data to actionable consumer intelligence

While basic social listening enables you to answer simple questions such as: What is our share of voice? Are our campaign hashtags being used? Or, is this crisis getting worse? Data structuring gives you the ability to produce actionable consumer intelligence.

You can explore more strategic questions, such as: How is my brand perceived by Millennials in China? How are they consuming our offerings? Which trending food ingredients will enter the mainstream next year?


Structured Data Provides Actionable Insights

Data Structuring Graph_transparent

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