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Leverage Social Data to its Full Capacity with Linkfluence Global Services

Social data is an endless source of market insights for your company. The big challenge is putting these to work. 

Meet the team ready to revolutionize your business with social data and guarantee that your social intelligence program will be successful. 

Here to help you every step of the way. 

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Empowering your business to reach social intelligence maturity

Social intelligence means applying the right mix of technology, expertise, methodology and process to derive focused, business-relevant insights from digital and social media data. It’s the final step for social listening - when companies truly use social data to make the best business decisions across all teams.

We help global brands fully embrace social data throughout their complex organization. 

Software Empowerment

Software empowerment

New tools can be intimidating. So we're here to help your full team worldwide incorporate social data in their daily lives. 

  • Smooth set up. We build accounts for all your users, suited to their needs. 

  • Tailored user training to let everyone use the Social Listening Suite autonomously.

  • Snackable insights and best practices to guide users in decision-making, without information overload.

We empower decision makers with insights. But we don't slow you down.

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Project management

Project management

Building new processes is its own process. On top of teaching users the ropes, we help you build a roll-out plan to get every team using social data.

  • Clear strategy to coordinate and deliver Linkfluence in your business

  • Global teams to help you set up in each location worldwide

  • Business intelligence experts help you understand every region, market, brand and business unit

We do this every day. Let us take the lead.

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social listening consulting

Social intelligence consulting

Social intelligence and insights need to be at the heart of your brand. Our consulting team helps you truly understand and use your new social data.

  • Learn advanced techniques to foster long-term adoption
  • Discover the precise use cases for social intelligence that your competitors don't know about
  • Use our experience to avoid key mistakes and get up and running quickly.

We work with many of the biggest brands in the world. They trust us because we know what we're doing.

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customer support

Customer support:

A partnership designed to help your business put social intelligence first. Top-tier support ensures the best customer experience possible.

  • Fast response times - usually within minutes

  • In-app support for immediate help

  • Comprehensive knowledge base for users who prefer self-service

It's not just about fixing bugs. We're here to help you succeed.

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Linkfluence Academy

The comprehensive educational program that builds
social intelligence heroes

We educate and inspire your team to use social intelligence to get valuable insights and make smarter business decisions.

  • A best in class learning management system to ensure a great, interactive experience to every user trying to get the most out of Radarly.

  • A wide set of courses with educational, inspirational and useful content.

  • Short beginner courses to get the whole company certified. And more detailed Advanced Certifications for your social intelligence champions.

Learning new skills should be fun and rewarding. The Linkfluence Academy ensures that it is.

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Our global services team

biggest team in the world

A team of experts:

A team of experts with a wide range of industry-specific expertise to ensure smooth project roll out globally across all departments. 

Embraced cultures

Think global, act local:

Our local experts help to make international projects connect on a local level. We know that local market teams handle challenges differently, and we're here to guide them.

local data analysts

Built for global brands:

We're experienced in working with global businesses across multiple brands, countries, stakeholders, and with different levels of digital maturity.

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