Built on Global Social Data, for World-Beating Insights 2

Built on Global Social Data, for World-Beating Insights

Linkfluence uses data from leading international social media platforms to give you the complete global picture.

Insights for Global Business

Linkfluence uses social data to uncover actionable insights for international brands, and we use data sources from all over the world so that all of your markets are included. 


As well as the major western social media platforms, we also include access from all the leading Asian services, to ensure you get the full picture. We can even plug in your own data, such as Net Promoter Score, surveys, and customer feedback. 


Our data sources include: 


  • Social: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, Twitch, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn
  • APAC: WeChat, Weibo, Red, Douyin, Toutiao, QQ, Bilibili, Dianping, Tmall, Taobao, JD.com, Naver, Vokontakte, Line
  • Media: Online News, Broadcasts, Blogs, Reviews, Comments, Forums, Message Boards, Print
  • First Party Data: NPS, Survey, Reviews, CRM
Insights for Global Business 2

Comprehensive Data for All Use Cases

Whether you need to understand your customers better, measure campaign performance, or track Customer Experience, we have a broad selection of online data sources that extends far beyond generic social media posts. 


As well as the full spectrum of online news and broadcast media, we also use data from a wide array of internal consumer review platforms, to gain a deep understanding of how people feel about your brands and products.

Comprehensive Data for All Use Cases 2

Exclusive Chinese Social Data Sources

Most conventional social listening platforms focus on popular western data sources like Twitter and Instagram. But for brands which want to do business in the huge Chinese market, which often leads the world in consumer innovation, that’s not enough. 


Unlike most social listening platforms, which only offer a partial sample of Sina Weibo data, we provide complete access to all data from the service, thanks to our unique relationship with the company. 


That’s why Linkfluence offers access to more of the leading Chinese social data sources (including consumer reviews) than any other consumer intelligence platform. If you’re serious about understanding Chinese consumers, you need Linkfluence, the only platform to offer western businesses access to Customer Experience data from the Chinese market.

Exclusive Chinese Social Data Sources 2

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Move from data to insights with Linkfluence Consumer Intelligence:

  • Best-in-class SaaS platform that encapsulates years of consumer insight production expertise
  • Instant access to insights through turnkey solutions for competitive benchmarking
  • Unrivaled data coverage (China, APAC, Russia, Global platforms)
  • Proven success and adoption with large, complex organizations thanks to value-added services