Automotive & Mobility

The automotive sector is undergoing significant changes driven by a number of different pressures, and the industry is already being forced to reinvent itself. But many of the greatest industry changes are still to come, and Linkfluence gives you the consumer insights you need to stay at the front of the grid.

Stay ahead of long-term industry shifts

Many of the major disruptive forces in the automotive industry are already clearly visible.  Cars are becoming smarter and more sustainable, with many developed nations already imposing deadlines for the end of internal combustion engine sales.


But wider ramifications are not quite as obvious. Changing mobility trends such as ride sharing, new purchasing and ownership models, and evolving driver behaviors remain unclear, especially following the huge changes in work patterns created by the pandemic. 


Linkfluence applies machine learning and human expertise to millions of real-time social data points to uncover insights about these changing attitudes and behaviors amongst both consumers and industry players.   


Track the impacts of coronavirus beyond the crisis

After months of uncertainty and a brake on sales, the pandemic is continuing to disrupt attitudes to travel, commuting and private transport. In many markets and industries, there is no going back to business as usual, the changes brought by coronavirus are here to stay, while in others there may be a gradual return to the old ways of doing business. 


With Linkfluence you can  gain clarity into both the short-term and long-term implications beyond the immediate crisis, to prepare your business for whatever lies ahead. 


Achieve greater customer insight

Although the automobile landscape is changing more rapidly and profoundly than at any point in the past century, mobility remains an essential need for millions of consumers, businesses and governments all over the world.


We’ll help you track multiple audience segments, so you can learn how consumers in different geographies and demographic groups differ, and what they have in common. Stay connected to your consumers to find where new opportunities lie. Innovate and communicate more effectively.

Understand brand perception & performance

We help Toyota Motor Europe to understand their communication impact on consumers and to spot potentials, trends and influencers for future activations.

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