The entertainment industry has significantly reinvented itself over the last decade, in the face of changing audience behaviors. Content, consumption, distribution and monetization models continue to evolve at an ever increasing pace.

More than ever, media and entertainment experiences are intertwined with technology, and with online conversations. Linkfluence can help you stay attuned to your audiences and fans, enabling you to innovate, communicate and monetize more effectively.

Develop brand equity in a volatile and complex ecosystem

As traditional media production and distribution groups continue to consolidate, social media is capturing more consumer attention. By tracking and quantitatively measuring how audiences are evolving, and how their perceptions and behaviors change over time, you’ll be better equipped to innovate and put your brand squarely ahead of the competition. 


Linkfluence enables you to understand the different audience segments and tribes that form around platforms, content and brands, giving you an inside view into what brings them together, what they love, what separates them from other groups, and ultimately, how you can engage them effectively.



Identify the content and features that translate into loyalty

Entertainment industry players are fighting for a bigger share of streaming revenue, while protecting themselves from new players entering the market all the time. High-quality programming is now abundant, and is no longer enough to differentiate you from competitors.


Consumer engagement and audience perceptions of content, pricing, and formats are becoming the real differentiators. With Linkfluence you can get real-time insight into the conversations audiences are having online, and arm yourself with the insights you need to build brand loyalty and grow revenues.


Understand the convergence of entertainment, commerce, and technology

Winning in entertainment means capturing share-of-wallet and loyalty from retail, consumer technology and social media brands. Media brands need to understand how variables outside their immediate ecosystem are influencing changes in consumer behavior that can impact their business. 


To stay ahead you need access to industry leading research tools that will enable your audience analysts to benefit from flexible, structured and lightning-fast insight across adjacent industries.


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