Fashion, Luxury & Beauty

Fashion, luxury and beauty are no longer defined by heritage alone. Brands which previously were able to rely solely on their legacy brand-equity must now adapt to changing consumer expectations. Linkfluence’s consumer insights platform can help you discover what drives your customers and respond with authenticity based on a deeper understanding of their needs.

Truly understand your consumers, wherever they are

Luxury markets are global, but regional and local insight is essential to optimize growth. To be successful brands need to appreciate the nuances and unique requirements of different consumer demographics and geographies. 


Linkfluence provides the tools you need to identify the various tribes that coalesce around your brand (and your competitors), based on demographics, location, shared interests and countless other factors. This gives you a deep understanding of what drives your different audience segments, making it easier to engage with them in a more focused and meaningful way and improve customer intimacy.


Work with the right influencers

Influencer marketing is a mainstay of luxury, fashion and beauty marketing with influencers of all stripes having a significant impact on defining brand identity and driving sales. 


Linkfluence helps you identify the influencers who resonate most with your target audience and to understand which themes and ideas they are most able to amplify. Look beneath the surface and vanity metrics to get a more accurate picture of exactly how influential they are, and whether they’ll be able to achieve the results you’re looking for. 


Our platform also gives you the tools you need to assess any potential risk to your brand reputation, based on an influencer’s historical social media activity, or any association with online communities that do not match your brand values. 


Make sense of the myriad of conversations and identify the influencers that can really deliver for your brand.


Measure and optimize your campaigns

Assess the impact of your campaigns, PR and even offline events such as fashion shows. Track the impact on awareness, perception and engagement. Understand the impact among influencers and users. You can even do this in real-time, so you can make mid-campaign optimizations instead of getting reports when it’s too late to take action. 


Linkfluence provides a single source of truth that enables consistent campaign measurement across your entire business, so you always get an accurate picture of how your online and offline activity has performed.

Improve customer experience

We help Guerlain integrate consumer feedback across social media channels with feedback coming from online review and e-commerce platforms, for a unified view of consumer data. 

Measure Brand Perception

We help Estée Lauder understand how brands are perceived by Chinese consumers and adapt their communications accordingly.

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