Food & CPG

Food and Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) markets are an essential part of daily life for billions of people globally who rely on them for their health, wellbeing, and quality of life. Linkfluence gives you the consumer insight you need to keep on top of changes to tastes, buying and consumption patterns so you can manage your brands and optimize your growth.

Tap into new trends, tastes and consumption patterns

Take the guesswork out of understanding evolving consumer behavior and preferences that drive your brand, product and strategies. 


Linkfluence analyzes millions of real-time social media discussions from consumers in every corner of the world, and our unique combination of AI and market research expertise enables us to extract insights that businesses use to make better informed strategic decisions.


Thrive in the new normal

Coronavirus continues to upend buying and consumption patterns, and with the pandemic far from over it’s still unclear what the long term repercussions of this massively disruptive global event will be. Even as life gradually returns to normality, businesses need to keep one eye on the future to understand how supply chains and consumer habits continue to evolve. 


Linkfluence delivers reliable, granular, actionable insight with reduced need for face-to-face and field research. Get access to data on-demand, instead of waiting for research reports to be compiled. 


Track your brand reputation

Brand reputation is critical for Food & Beverage marketing, and in the fast moving digital world your reputation can change overnight. You need to be able to react quickly to any events that could have an impact on how consumers perceive your brand, which means you need an always on, real-time reputation monitoring platform.


Linkfluence provides a complete picture of how your messaging is received in the market thanks to a structured view of spontaneous conversations, connection, and related meta-data. Whether it's the early-warning signs of a looming reputational crisis, or hints of a potential opportunity, you’ll be the first to know.


Measure and optimize campaign performance

Assess the impact of your campaigns thanks to reliable awareness and engagement metrics. Explore highlights & learnings. Understand how your messages are perceived and relayed across media, influencers and users.


Our commitment to robust data science and measurement methodologies ensures that metrics remain consistent across all of your campaigns, markets and audience segments, so you have a single source of truth that can be relied upon to help you make better informed decisions.

Detect trends from weak signals

We help Danone predict consumer behaviors through machine learning.

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