The sports industry continues to grow and evolve, from the highest levels of international stardom right down to local grass-roots clubs and even the nascent sphere of eSports. Major sporting events are amongst the most watched and talked about media properties in the world. The language of sport is universal.

Social media has become the new arena and athletes have become brands in themselves. For apparel, accessories, leisurewear and lifestyle brands the game is now played across multiple digital channels worldwide. Keep ahead of the pack with AI-enabled consumer insights.

Forge stronger connections with your consumers

Understanding consumers and end users is a longstanding challenge for sports brands. Selling through complex distribution networks is the norm. But digital sales and direct-to-consumer brands have raised the bar on consumers' expectations. They are now accustomed to more personalized and relevant relationships. The advantage is to those brands that can make smarter use of data.


Linkfluence enables you to understand the vast population that is not accessible via sales data or is too slow and expensive to reach using classical research approaches. Accelerate cross-channel customer centricity and bring consumer voice into the boardroom.


Enable more effective influencer marketing

Athletes have become media channels by themselves. Personalities such as Simone Biles, LeBron James, or Cristiano Ronaldo not only change the trajectory of consumer perceptions and values, they move sales and stock prices too.


Understand how sports influencers of all sizes communicate. Know who their audience and tribes are. Evaluate them for brand suitability and brand safety.

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Grow and diversify your markets with success

Sports brands are investing in reaching broader, more diversified audiences with different needs. Women, in particular, represent tomorrow’s growth. Each sport represents a kaleidoscope of tribes and segments.

Use AI-enabled consumer intelligence to understand your consumers with all their nuances. Respond to their needs and engage them all with authenticity and more relevance.


Keep pace with lifestyle and fashion changes

As the industry becomes increasingly about identity and experiences, consumers are favoring emotional and lifestyle benefits over functionality. Health and fitness is a way of expressing affluence. Mindfulness has gone mainstream. And the lines between sportswear, leisurewear, streetwear and high fashion continue to shift.  Stay ahead as sports and wellness redefines itself.


Stay close to your local markets and cultures

Sports may have global reach. But tribes are local and trends move at different paces.

Benefit from a consistent way of measuring attitudes across markets so you can more effectively localize your products, messages and tactics.


New Normal. New game.

Coronavirus has upended the sporting calendar. Consumers have been seeking new outlets for sporting entertainment and participation. And remote work has spurred demand for comfortable, leisure-influenced apparel.

Understand these ongoing changes with clarity. Deliver rigorous research and reliable consumer insight despite social distancing.


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